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"Christians" Who Try To Poke Holes In Sola Scriptura
by Sandy Simpson

This DVD is a message based on this article: "Christians" Who Try To Poke Holes In Sola Scriptura

There are a number of the leadership of the Emerging Church (EC) who do not believe that the Bible is the highest authority for the Christian faith.  Most do not believe that the Bible is inerrant in the original manuscripts and many do not acknowledge that the Bible is our highest revelation.  Yet this is a core doctrine over which true believers and false brethren must separate. Those who try to poke holes in Sola Scriptura make excuses like (1) we need to reinterpret the Bible through the lens of postmodern culture and religion (2) the Bible never uses the words "Sola Scriptura" therefore it is not a Biblical concept (3) there is new revelation for the church through the Holy Spirit apart from what is written and the precepts of the Bible and (4) the Bible just doesn't address our postmodern situation therefore we cannot rely on it for the truth and answers for our problems today.  I will prove that all the above arguments, and more, from EC leaders and others is exactly what they are teaching.  I will give you quotes from their teachings, videos and books. The postmodern church and its "movements" are abandoning Sola Scriptura in their rush to be like the Roman Catholic Church, which takes its authority from a mix of Scripture and tradition.

"As a result the Church, to whom the transmission and interpretation of Revelation is entrusted, "does not derive her certainty about all revealed truths from the holy Scriptures alone. Both Scripture and Tradition must be accepted and honored with EQUAL sentiments of devotion and reverence." (Roman Catholic Catechism, Given October 11, 1992, the thirtieth anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, in the fourteenth year of my Pontificate. Page 31).

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Updated DVD!
The Question Of Dominion
by Sandy Simpson

This DVD is a message based on this article: The Question Of Dominion.

I am writing this article as an apologetic against the Third Wave, Latter Rain, Word of Faith and Reformed Theology teachings that the Church is to rise up and take over the systems of government, businesses and every other aspect of life. "See, the problem is, is that Satan has had too much of his way in our society because he has a government!  And the only way to overthrow a government is with a government.  It won’t happen otherwise.  So therefore the government of the church has to get into place in the extended church just like we do have it very well in place, we haven’t reached our goal yet ..."  (Transcript of C. Peter Wagner, Arise Prophetic Conference, Gateway Church, San Jose, CA, 10-10-2004) Wagner has substituted the "government of the church" for the coming government of Jesus Christ in the Millennial Kingdom.  Wagner is "Kingdom Now" while the Bible teaches "Kingdom Come". What I wanted to do with this article is put the issue of dominion to rest by studying the definition the Bible gives to dominion and ruling authority.  When we look at the subject we can easily ascertain what is going on today and what God requires of the Church. 

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New DVD!
Shepherd Or Hireling?
by Sandy Simpson

This DVD is a message based on the article: "Shepherd Or Hireling?"

The Bible lays out the definitions of both an overseer (under shepherd) and a hireling.  John 10:11-13  I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep. The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep. (KJV)  1 Tim. 3:1-3   Here is a trustworthy saying: If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer, he desires a noble task. Now the overseer must be above reproach, the husband of but one wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not given to drunkenness, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money. (NIV)  Titus 1:7-13  Since an overseer is entrusted with God's work, he must be blameless—not overbearing, not quick-tempered, not given to drunkenness, not violent, not pursuing dishonest gain. Rather he must be hospitable, one who loves what is good, who is self-controlled, upright, holy and disciplined. He must hold firmly to the trustworthy message as it has been taught, so that he can encourage others by sound doctrine and refute those who oppose it. For there are many rebellious people, mere talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision group. They must be silenced, because they are ruining whole households by teaching things they ought not to teach—and that for the sake of dishonest gain. Even one of their own prophets has said, "Cretans are always liars, evil brutes, lazy gluttons." This testimony is true. Therefore, rebuke them sharply, so that they will be sound in the faith. (NIV) A hireling does not really care about being a watchman, but is more concerned with protecting his reputation, position and income.  A true watchman will guard the flock against wolves from within (Acts 20:30) and without (Acts 20:29) no matter the cost to his reputation, position or income. Following is a little quiz you can take to see if you are a true Biblical under shepherd as a leader in your church, are becoming a hireling, or are one now. 

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Testing Music In The Church
by Sandy Simpson

This DVD is a message based on these articles: Testing Music In The Church, Testing Music In The Church-Part 2, and Worship Song Ratings.

Too many churches today are allowing music to be used in their services that is not glorifying to the Lord and can actually be a hindrance to the teaching of sound doctrine. Pastors and leaders should be using their leadership role to test what is being played and sung in their churches. Though some are quick to test preaching and teaching from their pulpits, many ignore the music being used in the same services. This is a tragic mistake. Music is a powerful medium. It is something that effects deeply the body, mind and emotions. It is a proven fact that music often stays with a person far longer than what is taught or preached. Songs roam around in our heads, especially if the melody appeals to us. What is often overlooked is the serious impression music makes on people, and the teaching they are getting over and over again as they allow the song to repeat in their minds and on their lips. Music teaches things much more subtly yet sometimes far more effectively. That's why the lyrical content of music in the church, as well as its effect on the spiritual lives of those who perform and listen, should be vigorously examined by the leaders of the church.  This is a 2-DVD set.

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Examine Yourselves & Hold On!
by Sandy Simpson

This DVD is a message based on the articles "Examine Yourself To See If You Are In The Faith" and "Hold On!"

2 Cor. 13:5  Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves.
Do you not realise that Christ Jesus is in you— unless, of course, you fail the test?

People who call themselves followers of Christ or "Christians" and claim they are born again must believe certain things.  If they do not then they fail the test of faith.  They can claim they are born again all they want and "once saved, always saved" but if they fail the test of faith there is no eternal security.  Only God knows who will be saved, from beginning to end, because of His foreknowledge and omniscience (Rom. 8:29, 1 Pet. 1:2).  God did not make an arbitrary judgment about who would be saved and who would not.  His Spirit is given to those He foreknew, when convicted of sin by His Holy Spirit, would choose to believe and commit themselves to Jesus Christ.  We are not God and we do not have His omniscience.  Therefore, according to Paul, we must be sure our belief system is in the right place once our eyes have been opened to the Truth.  I am not saying we do not have assurance of salvation, but our assurance comes not only because of His Atonement and promises of salvation but from our continuing in the Faith, which is always the Biblical criteria. Those who would be Bible teachers must teach according to the whole counsel of God's Word.  Let me be clear. There is only one way to salvation.  That is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.  I will deal with a few of those issues following, but it is important to recognize that being saved is not just a matter of believing that Jesus lived, or that He was a man, or simply giving mental ascent to His existence in whatever form.

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"Blasphemizing" The Bible
by Sandy Simpson

This DVD is a message based on this article.

I am going to go over an article I wrote back in 2006 in preparation for the book I wrote with Mike Oppenheimer called “Idolatry in Their Hearts”.  This book is an apologetic against the false teachings of the World Christian Gathering on Indigenous People movement, the Emerging Church and the New Apostolic Reformation which got their ideas from the book “Eternity in Their Hearts” by Don Richardson.  At the time that book came out no one really saw the dangerous ideas Richardson was promoting.  All they would have had to do was look at the two subtitles of that book to understand the implications.  The first subtitle in the 1981 edition read: The Untold Story of Christianity among Folk Religions of Ancient People.  Those who read this book found some interesting cross-cultural ideas but apparently missed the false premise of the book starting with the subtitle. How could Christianity be “among folk religions” where the Gospel had not been preached (Rom. 10:14-15)? At that time Christians who read the book were apparently satisfied that, though there was some questionable material present, it made for an interesting discussion on how to do cross-cultural ministry. The subtitle it has today, which was first published in 1984, is as follows: Startling Evidence of Belief in the One True God in Hundreds of Cultures Throughout the World.  This should have been a red flag for many Christians but then, who reads subtitles?  But how could the “One True God” be known to Gentiles who, the Bible states, did “not know God”.

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Resources For Pastors
"Good English Bible Translations"
by Sandy Simpson

This DVD is a message based on this article.

I was talking with a pastor after a Wednesday night service and he mentioned that I said I had done an article comparing English Bible translations.  He called me up later and asked me to come back and present the contents of that article I sent out in about 2002 to my mailing list for the Pacific Waves Newsletter which, unfortunately, I can no longer afford to publish and mail.  However an archive of past issues of that newsletter can be found here. In that article I detailed a number of good and bad resources for pastors including Bible translations, concordances, commentaries, Bible dictionaries, etc.  I present an edited version of part of that article on this DVD, particularly dealing with English Translations of the Bible.  Translation is a very detailed endeavor and should only be undertaken by those with a proper education in that subject and a sound doctrinal background.  I read a few books on that subject and it helped me understand the complexities involved.  Hebrew is a rich language so it is hard to distill one Hebrew word down to one English word.  Greek is a very technical language and it is also not easy to translate.  This is why it is imperative to use the good English translations out there for comparison along with a good concordance and Bible dictionary. 

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Kingdom Now or Kingdom Come?
by Sandy Simpson

This DVD is a message based on this article.

There are two kingdoms being taught in many churches today. Teaching about one of the kingdoms is on the decline while the other is being promoted all over the place.  I am warning Christians that they need to check out who is using the word "kingdom", the books they have been reading and recommend on building "the kingdom", the people they have been hanging out with at conferences, and what they mean by "the kingdom".

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by Sandy Simpson

Bible studies in Galatians, Philippians, Ephesians, Colossians, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John and Jude with a focus on applying timeless discernment priciples to our modern times.

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Companion CD!
by Sandy Simpson
Contains the PDF text to the book BIBLE STUDIES IN DISCERNMENT plus extra studies by Sandy & Juanita Simpson covering many issues of apologetics and discernment.

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A Whole Lot Of Wishful Thinking These Days!
by Sandy Simpson

This DVD series is a teaching based on this article.

In this DVD series I want to detail a number of beliefs people have these days that have no basis in Scripture.  I am going to roam all over the map, so to speak, and try to give fairly short answers on a number of topics and also give you useful links to articles that will help you deal with any particular issue.  It is truly amazing how many false ideas people cling to without giving a thought to what the Bible has to say on the subject.

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Signs Of Apostasy In The Churches In The End Times
by Sandy Simpson

This 2-DVD series is a teaching based on this article.

There are many signs of the great Apostasy, or falling away (2 Thes. 2:3) indicating we are living in the end times (Mt. 24: 3-14)  I am going to go through some indications of the Apostasy in the churches as a follow up to the signs of the times in the world.

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The Responsibilities of a
Good Shepherd
by Sandy Simpson
This CD is a message based on this article.

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What's Up With Christian Bookstores?
by Sandy Simpson

This DVD is a message based on this article.

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The ElijahList
The biggest promoter of false prophecies in cyberspace!
by Sandy Simpson

This 2-DVD set is a message based on this article.

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The ElijahList
The biggest promoter of false prophecies in cyberspace!
by Sandy Simpson

This 2-DVD set is a message based on this article.

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The Extreme Prophetic
by Sandy Simpson

This DVD is a message based on this article.

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Emerging Church CD & Free DVD
All the links to resources and articles we have on the Emerging Church on one CD.
by Sandy Simpson

(The Emerging Church only is downloadable!)
When you purchase the "Resource Tools - Emerging Church" CD for $10. plus s/h you will also receive a brand new free DVD called "The Emerging Church" that features Gary Gilley, Ray Yungen, Joanna Michaelson, Mike Oppenheimer and Sandy Simpson.

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From Church To Emerging Church DVD Series
by Sandy Simpson
The issue of the Emerging Church and it's introduction into many churches and mission organizations has reached a critical point.  Many do not undersand what is being leavened into churches by the EC leadership.  Many would be shocked to know their belief systems involve Universalism, New Age, defense of postmodernism, Interfaithism, and many other false doctrines.  In order to reach out to this generation the EC leadership is proposing a whole new "map" to deal with what they perceive is a lack of understanding on the part of the churches on how to communicate.  EC proponants believe the "scripture" for today is evolving and must change in order to reach postmoderns.

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Idolatry In Their Hearts
Landmark Book!
by Sandy Simpson & Mike Oppenheimer
Does having eternity in your heart mean that you know God and are His child? Could Gentile cultures understand the Gospel from the stars? Did God create man's cultures? Has God always been in the process of redeeming cultures from the time of Babel by placing in them a true revelation of Himself? Is there the worship of YHWH in all cultures and religions through the names of supreme beings?  Have all cultures always had a way to make things right between them and God? These questions and many more are answered in this book that addresses the false teachings of The New Apostolic Reformation regarding missiological methods as being carried out by many agencies including the World Christian Gathering on Indigenous People, YWAM, and many Bible societies.

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The New Apostolic Reformation - What is it and where is it going?
Every Pastor Needs This!
by Bill Randles, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Jacob Prasch, Mike Oppenheimer, Orrel Steinkamp, Gary Gilley, Dave Hunt, Sandy Simpson and others.
This is a 6-DVD expose of  the NAR and it's leadership of C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Peirce, Dutch Sheets, Bill Hamon, Jack Deere and others.

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Lessons In Forgiveness
Great Study!
by Sandy Simpson

Through the years I have been presented with many opportunities to forgive. Sometimes the situation was so severe that it took me some time to forgive and start the process of healing for myself, and eventually for others. I learned that a Christian needs to forgive other people even if they have not repented of their sins. That can be really hard if we let it be hard. But if we give our burdens over to the Lord, He will carry them and that frees us up to treat other people with love, compassion, and be in the right frame of mind and heart to set them up for reconciliation with Jesus Christ. That does not mean we tolerate their sin. We simply forgive them for what they have done to us, whether perceived or real, and move on to looking for ways to redeem them. We can then present to them the "truth in love" even when we have to rebuke them.

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Finish The Race!
Go On To Maturity!
by Sandy Simpson

was written to help believers to realize the absolute necessity of growing to maturity in Christ. Many churches are urging Christians to push aside discernment in favor of experience. It is our hope that this book will inspire many believers to fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith (2 Tim. 4:7).

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The New Apostolic Reformation - What is it and where is it going?
Companion Book!
by Sandy Simpson

is now available in book form. This is the DVD script plus commentary by Sandy Simpson. The commentary of the DVD series is not in the book, but there are many more quotes available than in the video series.  Good reference material.  Also available on CD-ROM.

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Letters To The Church
by Sandy Simpson

is a fitting manual for the Revelation Christian. All the precepts are in the seven letters in Revelation 1:9 - 3:22 to help us keep the faith, stay in sound doctrine, and reach out to those who are perishing. I hope and pray that this book will help the reader to be an "overcomer".

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Demolish Arguments!
by Sandy Simpson

Want to be able to see your way through to clear biblical discernment? Want a set of tools that will allow you to disciple your loved ones so they will stand firm in the Faith? Want to sort out many of the false arguments and teachings that have invaded the churches? Then DISCERNMENT TOOLKIT book is for you!

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DVD Study Series!
by Sandy Simpson
is taken from the book but includes a lot of footage of false teachers and false prophets. It covers the core doctrines, how we can use them to test, and examples on the DVD that can be paused for discussion.  Also includes a teacher guide and links to resources on the web.  This 3-DVD series is available now!

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Important Video Information
On Benny Hinn!

by Sandy Simpson, Mike Oppenheimer & Jacob Prasch
features tons of video showing the teachings and prophecies of Benny Hinn.  This is a proven tool to keep people away from heresy.

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Discernment Conference
Featuring Bill Randles, Gary Gilley
& Ray Yungen
3-DVD Set

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Featuring Dave Hunt, Duane Magnani, Mike Oppenheimer, Jacob Prasch, Jewel Grewe & Bill Randles
6-DVD Set & 2-VHS Sets

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Highly Recommended!
by Mike Oppenheimer
What is Christianity? What significance does the cross have? Are there teachings that can wreck our faith? We live in an age unlike any other in the history of man. To follow the Lord among the unique challenges we must understand Scripture and live by it. Available for $20- includes shipping.  Apologetics Coordination Team HIGHLY recommends this book.  It deals with many crucial issues for the Church today.

Go here to order the book by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries, P.O. Box 860683, Wahiawa, HI 96786.

Articles on the World Christian Gathering On Indigenous People (WCGIP) or the "First Nations" Movement with leadership such as Richard Twiss, Daniel Kikawa, Terry LeBlanc, John Dawson, Don Richardson and many others.
Updated! (1) Indigenous People Issues - A Warning About The World Christian Gathering Of Indigenous People by Sandy Simpson, Pacific Waves Newsletter, 5/02
"But I do not endorse movements that, for all their good intentions, are a mixture of good, unbiblical and heretical theology. How can we effectively bring the gospel if that gospel is tainted by the world, the flesh and the devil. We as Christians must stand firm in the faith once for all delivered to the saints. We must not get involved in ecumenical movements that look like the world, act like the world, and instead of bringing the Word to the world are bringing the world to the world."  Go here for a commentary on the full transcript of the "Word To The World" radio programs 541-550.
(2) Richard Twiss Connections by Sandy Simpson, 10/1/04
Richard Twiss is spreading the doctrines of the New Apostolic Reformation and is endorsed by them.  He claims that the Great Spirit of the Indians is the Holy Spirit of the Bible, and endorses ministries who make this same claim.  He endorses and promoted books by people like Daniel Kikawa that present information as fact when it is proven myth.  He continues to teach that the Great Spirit is the Holy Spirit by wearing the cultural items associated with the Great Spirit, even though it is a historical fact that the Great Spirit is a pantheistic god that required blood rituals and human sacrifice.  Richard Twiss claims that what he is doing is not syncretism, when it is the very definition of syncretism. 

(3) A Call To The Nations? by Sandy Simpson, 4/28/05
Unbiblical teachings by the organizers and participants of this conference including Richard Twiss, Daniel Kikawa, Aloha Ke Akua and YWAM.

Updated! (4) Let's "Talkstory"! by Sandy Simpson, 5/7/05
Two stories to illustrate and correct the false teachings of "A Call To All Nations" speakers including Don Richardson, John Dawson, Richard Twiss and Daniel Kikawa with regard to there being worship of the true God in hundreds of cultures from the beginning.

(5) Perpetuated In Righteousness - A Review by Mike Oppenheimer, 5/5/05
A series of articles reviewing, in detail, this book which is one of the books laying the basis for the "A Call To All Nations" conference.

(1) Overview of the Book Perpetuated in Righteousness
(2) The Gospel in the Stars
(3) Perpetuated in Righteousness or Perpetuating a Modern Myth
(4) Io the God of the Bible
(5) Io, the Trinity, and the gods

Updated! (6) Regarding The Accuracy Of Oral Traditions - With Reference To Daniel Kikawa's Book "Perpetuated In Righteousness" by Sandy Simpson, 5/10/05
The accuracy of oral tradition is, in a word, "inaccurate".  I dare say that if we were able to trace back most oral traditions today, as God sees them from an eternal perspective, we would see the mutations, changes and fabrications involved in modern mythology.  We would also see a lot of "fables".

Updated! (7) The Testimony Of Heneri Opukaha'ia - regarding the state of religion and society in Hawaii before the Gospel - A Rebuttal To Daniel Kikawa's Book "Perpetuated In Righteousness" by Sandy Simpson, 5/17/05
This article is a reminder of what Hawaii was like before the Gospel was preached.  This is the account of a very important eyewitness. It is an unfortunate fact that often, by the third generation of Christians in any given area of the world, important information has begun to be lost and forgotten.  This is clearly evident in the writings of people like Daniel Kikawa.  The stark facts, of Hawaiian culture and religion before the Gospel was preached in Hawaii, are made evident by the testimony of a man without whom the peoples of Hawaii would never have had the opportunity to hear the Gospel message and would still be living in the sins of their ancestors.

(8) Culturized Christianity by Mike Oppenheimer, 5/22/05
A series dealing with the issues raised by the First Nations Indigenous People's Movement.

(1) Culturized Christianity
(2) The Nations of the Earth -A History of Idolatry and False Worship

Updated! (9) 11 Reasons To Reject The Teachings Of The Indigenous People's Movementby Sandy Simpson, 3/4/06
When you mythologize religion and ignore the clear teachings of the Bible, as above, in order to make people feel better about themselves and their cultures, you are effectively preaching another gospel. 

(10) The Newest Heresy of the NAR: Orality by Discernment Research Group, Herescope, 3/8/2006
The latest fad is potentially the most grievous heresy to arise in the recent history of the Church. It is a repudiation of literacy -- the written Word. It is now widely being taught to missionaries, particularly through mission groups closely associated with the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). - A global partnership involving Campus Crusade for Christ, the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, Wycliffe International & The Seed Company, Trans World Radio and YWAM—using chronological Bible storying among unreached people groups.

Updated! (11) An Endrun Around Rom. 1 And Acts 17 - A Gameplan of YWAM by Sandy Simpson, 3/4/06
Daniel Kikawa, formerly with YWAM and now with his own organization called Aloha Ke Akua, and Danny Lehmann, Director of YWAM Honolulu have repeatedly pulled Romans 1 and Acts 17 from their contexts in order to promote IPM ideology.  I have yet to hear them, or any other leader in the IPM for that matter, teach these Scriptures in context.  Yanking Scriptures out of context is one of the first marks of false teaching. 

(12) Golden Calf Evangelism by Mike Oppenheimer, 4/11/06
An expose on the false teachings of YWAM with regard to the Indigenous People's Movement.

(1) Golden Calf Evangelism - The gospel of Inclusivism- Daniel Kikawa's very revealing Interview. 
(2) The Nations With or Without God
(3) Foreign god’s as God
(4) The God’s of the Nations are not God - Are the gods of the nations the God of the Bible?
(5) Cultivating other gods
(6)  Conclusion of the Indigenous Inclusive method of evangelism
(Added material) Romans 1 - suppressing the truth in unrighteousness
Updated! (13) More False "First Nations" Teachings - On Genesis 11:1-9 (Babel) & Acts 17:18-34 (Mars Hill) by Sandy Simpson, 5/4/06
This article is written to expose another false teaching based on a misinterpretation of Scripture, namely the Genesis 11:1-9 account of the tower of Babel.

Updated! (14) Nimrod & Babel compiled by Sandy Simpson, 5/8/06
This article is written to clarify the issue of Babel that is taught unbiblically by the First Nations Movement leadership. In this article we will look exclusively at Nimrod and his kingdom, Babel.  We will compare what the Bible teaches about him and what it teaches about the coming Antichrist and his short-lived kingdom.

(15) WCGIP Davao Event Planned To Redeem The "Cross" by Sandy Simpson, 6/23/06
The following from the current Wiconi "Smoke Signals" Newsletter is a perfect example of why Christians everywhere need to get the word out for indigenous churches to avoid this Indigenous People's movement. This kind of teaching and demonstration is not a good witness to the world.

Updated! (15) IPM False Teaching About The Names Of God by Sandy Simpson, 6/24/06
Danny Lehmann, YWAM Director in Honolulu and pastor at Calvary Chapel Komo Mai was on the Calvary Chapel KLHT radio station again on Friday, June 23, 2006 with another argument to try to shore up the false doctrines that he and others of the IPM, including Don Richardson, Richard Twiss, Daniel Kikawa, have been teaching.  Their claim is that God has many names in many cultures and can be legitimately worshipped by those names.  Lehmann argues that the proof of this idea comes from the fact that in the Bible God has many "names". 

Updated! (16) "Blasphemizing" The Bible by Sandy Simpson, 7/26/06
The reason for this article is to detail how some of these Bible societies are mistranslating the Bible, using the names of false gods and substituting them for the One True God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel, the "I AM", YHWH, Jehovah.  In doing this they are following the agenda of the WCGIP Leadership endorsed by Don Richardson and John Dawson of YWAM, and headed by people like Daniel Kikawa of Aloha Ke Akua, Richard Twiss of Wiconi International, Terry LeBlanc of World Vision Canada, and many other indigenous leaders.

(17) PSEUDO-MISSION: Creating A "Social Ethic" Worldview by Herescope, Discernment Research Group, 08/02/06
The mainline denominations moved to integrate sociology with theology early on. They didn't have to hassle with the stalwart fundamentalist who insisted on doctrinal purity. It was easy for mainline leaders to simply blend the latest intellectual "scientific" research into their functioning, particularly on a global mission scale.

(18) PSEUDO-MISSION: How the Camel Got Its Nose Under the Tent by Herescope, Discernment Research Group, 08/01/06
How did evangelicalism get to the point where its leaders are openly bragging about transforming nations? How did we get to the point where the term "mission" has now been broadened to include marketplace (commerce) and changing the governments of nations? When did "mission" quit meaning evangelism, i.e., sharing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ from the Written Word of the Bible? When did it start meaning social action of the most dominionist kind?

(19) PSEUDO-MISSION: Blasphemizing and Social Sciencizing by Herescope, Discernment Research Group, 08/02/06
The purpose of this deliberate dumbing down of biblical truth, changing the names for God, and denegration of His Word has everything to do with social engineering -- purposefully manipulating cultural groups. And it is happening on a global scale.

(20) The Gospel Of Man Or The Gospel Of God? by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries, 8/11/06
Changing the Bible's name of God to names of foreign gods.

(21) PSEUDO-MISSION: The Road to Syncretism by Herescope, Discernment Research Group, 08/11/06
Pastor Bosch offered an excellent refutation of this situation in his commentary. "For the truth we cannot rely on the opinions of men but have to trust the Word of God alone. It was Jesus Himself who said: 'I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.' (John 14:6). Now which part of that verse is hard to understand or is open to interpretation? The words 'no one' and 'except' are as narrow and exclusive as you can get. Peter said: 'Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved' (Acts 4:12). Paul said: “There is… one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus” (1Tim 2:5). Hebrews asks how we will escape (since there is no escape), if we neglect the salvation that came through Jesus Christ (Heb 2:4). Over and over the Bible clearly teaches that there is no other way to be saved except through faith in the finished work of the Cross. Jesus said that those who try to enter by some other way are thieves and robbers (John 10:8). To say that there are other ways of salvation is basically saying that Jesus wasted His time to come in the flesh and to suffer and die! If God can save others through some other means then there was no need for Christ to die. Don’t you think if there was some other way, God would have used it? Did Jesus not ask this very question at the eleventh hour? But there was no other way. Jesus Had to die in our place and take our sin so that His righteousness can be reckoned to us. To say that people can be saved apart from the work of the Cross, is surely the greatest blasphemy against the precious Blood of Jesus Christ!…"Don’t let the world deceive you into believing that it is unloving to tell people that Jesus is the only way. It is not loving to tell someone that they are just fine and that they will be saved even though they are on their way to eternal damnation. If we really love people, we will speak the truth to them. But, we have to do that in a loving and compassionate way. Unfortunately many of us adopt the attitude of 'I’m right and you’re wrong – so there.' No, by God’s grace we have been saved and we need to show the same love, compassion and mercy on those who do not know the Way as the Lord showed us. But we cannot be so afraid of offending people that we never tell them the truth. "There is only one way to God and we must preach that message with all our might. Let’s love those of other religions enough to tell them that Jesus and Jesus alone saves." 

(21) PSEUDO-MISSION: The Global C.H.U.R.C.H by Herescope, Discernment Research Group, 08/15/06
Obviously, the plan to use the church to help create a new world order is not a new plan. In fact, the methods to manipulate the church into action are remarkably similar -- 
1) develop a common moral ethic, 
2) create a synthesis of faiths 
3) implement a collaboration of interests, 
4) undertake a massive propaganda campaign, 
5) invoke the ideal of global "peace,"
6) emotively appeal to "higher" causes, such as eliminating sickness and suffering,
7) develop a sense of guilt or responsibility to motivate action,
8) use the Scriptures as a way to shore up the purpose or the process.

(22) PSEUDO-MISSION: Inclusivism by Herescope, Discernment Research Group, 08/17/06
The best way in which to advance the Kingdom of God on earth is by adopting a new gospel of inclusivism. This idea first took root many decades ago. It is now producing abundant variegated fruit. This series of Herescope posts on Pseudo-Mission began with C. Peter Wagner's quotations (7/31/06) about the new nature of international mission work. He had referenced an earlier 1932 Laymen's Inquiry which issued a summary (book) entitled Re-Thinking Missions.

(23) PSEUDO-MISSION: Meditation  by Herescope, Discernment Research Group, 08/18/06
Continuing on the topic of inclusivism from yesterday's post, the very next section of Re-Thinking Missions is subtitled "What These Developments Call For." Once mission work accepts inclusivism, then what is next? The answer to this was meditation!

Updated! (24) World Christian Gathering on Indigenous People (WCGIP) Report & Analysis - Davao & Kiruna by Sandy Simpson, 10/1/06
I urge anyone reading this article to also read the other articles in the WCGIP section of the DITC web site.  It will help you understand the width and breadth of false teaching in this movement. This article contains quotes from the last two WCGIP events.  What is amazing to me is that the word "Gospel" and "evangelism" (or "evangelization ... two different terms) are being used freely by the leadership and participants of this movement when it is clear they have little or no understanding of those terms from a biblical standpoint.  You cannot claim you are reaching people with the Gospel while, at the same time, teaching that God has been redeeming the Gentile pagan nations (such as we all were) through the stars, their cultures and their religions long before the Gospel ever was preached.  That is a clear denial of the biblical statements that Gentiles did not know God.  Gentiles did not have salvation, they were not worshipping God, nor did they have hope before they heard the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, no matter what Terry LeBlanc, Richard Twiss, Daniel Kikawa and his friends claim.

(25) A Review Of The Video "God's Fingerprints In Japan" by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries, 5/06
In his search for the creator God in Japan Kikawa has built a cross cultural relationship by Christianizing ancient idolatrous worship practices, making people think through his presentation that nearly every people group/culture has truths about God that were put by God in their culture-and that they knew him.  Read the following articles:

(1) A Review Of The Video "God's Fingerprints In Japan"
(2) Hirata Atsutane in Kami 
(3) Gateways to God, Sumo wrestling and the way of Tea
(4) Communion with Tea, Buddha and Endorsements

(26) How Tozer would have responded to WCGIP and Emerging Church teachings by A.W. Tozer, Renewed Day By Day Vol. 1, March 13
Suppose we take the position of compromise that many want us to take: “Everyone come, and be saved if you want to. But if you do not want to be saved, maybe there is some other way that we can find for you. We want you to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ if you will, but if you do not want to, there may be a possibility that God will find some other way for you because there are those who say that there are many ways to God.”

(27) The Global Transformation of Redeeming Cultures by Mike Oppenheimer, 3/20/07 
The plans of Ed Silvoso, indigenous people movement and other cultural change agents.

(28) The Indigenous Peoples Movement - The Doctrines of Dominionism: Part 7 by Herescope, 8/4/07
In other words, the new heresies teach that man can come to Christ without the Gospel of Salvation but by some other avenue inherent in their culture and religion. And they don't need Jesus to be saved, but can call upon their own local deity. And once they get "saved," they can "redeem" the pagan religious practices in their culture and make it part of their new faith. They never need to separate from their old ways. In fact, they are encouraged to bring back the old pagan ways!

(29) Changing God's Name  - The Doctrines of Dominionism: Part 8 by Herescope, 8/7/07
The above quotation is an example of the most horrifying new heresy to come out of the "redeeming cultures" movement. This particular heresy is a major theme of the new book Idolatry In Their Hearts by missionaries Sandy Simpson and Mike Oppenheimer. It illustrates the extent to which Scripture and history are being re-written to accommodate a new body of doctrine for a new global church age. In this particular case there is a multi-pronged attack going on against the biblical names for God which not only substantially erodes the Scriptural foundation, but actually replaces brick and mortar with pagan idols!

(30) Identificational Repentance - The Doctrines of Dominionism: Part 9 by Herescope, 8/10/07
Very little has been written to counter the plethora of false doctrines surrounding "Identificational Repentance," "Reconciliation," and the accompanying practices. Tragically, many esteemed Christian leaders from all walks of Christianity, have been pulled into the Reconciliation Movement and/or "Identificational Repentance" because it sounded like a good thing to do. And most of these activities have a "feel good" component that makes them seem right. But the plain error of these activities can easily be found in Scriptures and refuted quite simply.

(31) Redemptive Analogies - The Doctrines of Dominionism: Part 10 by Herescope, 8/16/07
These quotations above represent the essence of a new doctrine that began emerging in the early 1970s which is now referred to as "Redemptive Analogies." This is the idea that God put a "good deposit" of "truth" in other cultures, analogous to something in Scriptures which could be "redeemed" for Gospel purposes. Sandy Simpson and Mike Oppenheimer, in their groundbreaking new book Idolatry in Their Hearts, cite extensive examples of this how this heresy has led to outright syncretism.

(32) Universalism in the World has Permeated the Church by Sandy Simpson, 10/12/07
We deal with these old heresies brought forward to modernity, these ideas that all men have have a relationship with God that will cause them to be able to avoid judgement in our book on the teachings of the World Gathering on Indigenous People movement called “Idolatry In Their Hearts”.  The idea that all men who worship a “god” are worshipping the true God, YHWH, has bubbled up to the very top of our societies and religions, and even Christendoom, and should sound a warning alarm to true Biblical Christianity.  Instead, as usual in our day, most Christians are asleep at the wheel while Universalists claim that you can pray to a “god” like Allah and be praying to the true Trinue God, YHWH.  I also dealt with the fact that Allah is not YHWH, both in our book and in the article “Is Allah The Same As YHWH?”. Yet just recently George Bush, a professing Christian, who has obviously been led astray by false teachers and his heretical counselors like T.D. Jakes and Ted Haggard, came out with these statements in an interview.

(33) An Arabic Bible Translation That Is Taking A Proper View Of The Name Of Allah Being Used In Arabic Bibles by ArabBible, 11/07
In summary, ArabBible uses the definite, common noun, “al-ilaah” to refer to God, rather than the Islamic proper noun, “Allah”. We believe this is based on good Biblical and linguistic precedents. 

(34) Can a Christian follow the teachings of other religions and teachers with Christ? by Mike Oppenheimer, 1/14/08
Throughout the Bible we find Jesus asking those he called to follow him and no one else. 

(35) Christian Paganism by Roger Oakland, Understand The Times, 10/6/08
So how should we respond when we see Christianity joining hands with paganism? Obviously the very term Christian-paganism is an oxymoron. However, there are a number of indicators which show this trend is underway.

(36) Emergent SAMIR SELMANOVIC on Finding God in all Religions posted by Lighthouse Trails under The Emerging Church, 11/5/09
This misguided effort to unite all things, to give people the option of maintaining their own religious practices, suggesting they do not have to call themselves Christians is a spiritually slippery slope and an undoing of the Christian faith.

(37) The New Indigenous "Christian" Religion by Sandy Simpson, 10/23/10

Nothing exemplifies the new indigenous "Christian" movement of people like Richard Twiss, Daniel Kikawa, Aloha Ke Akua, YWAM and other proponents so much as the following statement on the home page of the Aloha Ka Akua web site. As Indigenous people, we need to embrace God as ours, and also know that God embraces us as His. . . just as we are.  Our goal is to provide indigenous people, missionaries and Christians with information, training and materials that show the true nature of Jesus; that his way is not to be a foreign religion that destroys people groups and their cultures, but one that brings people groups and their cultures to their highest fulfillment. (Aloha Ke Akua, home page as of 10/23/10,

(38) The New Look of Christian Missions by Roger Oakland, 5/18/11
Emerging spirituality is changing the way missions is being conducted. The idea is that you can go for Jesus, but you don’t have to identify yourself as a Christian or part of the Christian church. This concept spills over into some missionary societies too, where they teach people from other religions they can keep their religion, just add Jesus to the equation. They don’t have to embrace the term Christian. 

(39) Did God Put "Eternity In Their Hearts" or "The World In Their Hearts"? by Sandy Simpson, 8/4/11
In the introduction to Mike Oppenheimer's and my book "Idolatry In Thier Hearts" I exposed the fact that Don Richardson pulled the phrase "Eternity In Thier Hearts" to use as his book title from it's context in Ecc. 3:11.  He did this to support his thesis, which actually contradicts the second part of that verse, where it states that man cannot fathom what God has done. Richardson, rather, sets forth what has become the foundation for the false teachings of the WCGIP, YWAM, a number of Bible translation societies and the Emerging Church ... the propostion that all men have always been seeking God and that all Gentile cultures were already worshipping the true God before missionaries came with the Gospel. 

(40) In response to the Rumors of Christianity using the Myths of pagan gods for Jesus by Mike Oppenheimer, 8/7/11
First let me preface this article by stating that Satan knows the Bible and counterfeits the true religion God gave to man to bring confusion. He did this before and after the events take place as well.  Horus, Mithra are often used by atheists and those who side with Pagan religions- but these are myths and the Bible has been substantiated with the manuscript evidence -archeology, and PROPHECY.

(41) Does God care what He is called - Can a Christian call God by an Islamic name? by Mike Oppenheirmer, 8/20/11
The Worship of another god as God.

(42) “Contextualization” of the Gospel – A Free-Falling Catastrophe by Roger Oakland, 11/10/11
While reaching today’s generation for the cause of Christ is something we as Christians should all desire, we must remember Jesus Christ challenged us to follow Him and be obedient to His Word. Scripture commands us to “be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2). But the emergents are leading followers in the opposite direction, teaching that the Word of God needs to be conformed to people and cultures instead of allowing it to conform lives through Jesus Christ. Reimagining Christianity allows a dangerous kind of freedom; like cutting the suspension ropes on a hot air balloon, the free fall may be exhilarating but the results catastrophic.

(43) African Blend of Witchcraft and "Christianity" from Felicia N. in Zimbabwe, Africa, 2001
Unfortunately, few Africans [she knew in Zimbabwe] are truly Christians. The problem stems from the fact that there is just too much of this "cultural" (read demon worship) approach to almost all aspects of life even amongst said Christians. 

(44) 'Father' and 'Son' Ousted from the Trinity in New Bible Translations by Hussein Hajji Wario, Yahoo! Contributor Network – Fri, Jan 27, 2012
A controversy is brewing over three reputable Christian organizations, which are based in North America, whose efforts have ousted the words "Father" and "Son" from new Bibles. Wycliffe Bible Translators, Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) and Frontiers are under fire for "producing Bibles that remove "Father," "Son" and "Son of God" because these terms are offensive to Muslims." In fairness to SIL/Wycliffe, here is that response to the above article by SIL.  However, their explanation does not explain why certain Father/Son passages are being targeted in Arabic Bibles.

(45) Islamic Friendly Bibles? by Vic Eliason, VCY America, 2/3/12
This edition of Crosstalk looks at the newest trend in Bible translations.  This latest effort involves altered Bibles that remove and/or modify Bible terms such as “Father” in relation to God and “Son” as it pertains to Jesus or the Son of God in order to refrain from being offensive to Muslims. The publishers involved in this controversy are Wycliffe Bible Translators, Summer Institute of Linguistics and Frontiers.

(46) Wycliffe to “re-evaluate our methodology” concerning Muslim idiom translations removing ‘Father’ and ‘Son’ by John Lanagan, My Word Like Fire Ministries, 2/7/12
Last week Biblical Missiology circulated a petititon, which begins: Western missions agencies Wycliffe, Frontiers and SIL are producing Bibles that remove Father, Son and Son of God because these terms are offensive to Muslims.

(47) Wycliffe Muslim Translation Controversy Continues Host: Vic Eliason/VCY America, Guest: Hussein Hajji Wario, 2/22/12
Hussein Hajji Wario is a former Sunni Muslim who was educated in Islamic religious school.  Upon graduation he became a Madrassa teaching assistant and a Muadhin who called Muslims to pray.  He converted to Christianity in 1989.  He comes from the Orma people group which is 99.98% Muslim.  He is only the second Orma to convert to Christianity.  He was persecuted on account of his faith and came to the United Stated in 1996.  He has published his autobiography, “Cracks in the Crescent”.  As reported on a recent Crosstalk, a controversy has come to light over the last several months on whether or not Wycliffe Bible Translators, the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) and Frontiers has produced a translation of the Bible that panders to Muslims.  As a former Sunni Muslim, Hussein Hajji Wario has been following the Wycliffe issue for quite some time.  Join Vic as he allows Hussein to explain how he became involved in this controversy, the areas of Scripture that are affected, how Wycliffe Bible Translators and Frontiers have been responding to the controversy and more. 

(48) Wycliffe To Be Reviewed by Biblical Missiology, 5/2/12
Bible translation is not typically considered newsworthy, but the current controversy over Wycliffe's translations has just made international news. An article picked up by the Washington Post and over 150 other news outlets reports that "US Bible translator agrees to review after criticism over substitutions for 'Son' and 'Father.'" Indeed, Wycliffe and SIL agreed to, and in fact sought out, a review by the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), with a recommendation on their translation practices due by the end of the year. Given that these controversial translations are currently available and thus creating inaccurate understandings of God, Biblical Missiology appeals to Wycliffe and SIL to immediately withdraw them.

(49) The Turkish Church Responds, Warns of "Great Harm" (regarding Wycliffe Muslim translation controversy) by Biblical Missiology, 5/9/12
Frontiers has placed the national church in a difficult and awkward position through its continued defense of this translation, in which "Father" is rendered "protector/helper," and Son is rendered "God's representative," and in which baptism is described in terms of Islamic ritual ablutions.

(50) Two Major Denominations Release their Findings on Father and Son Terminology by Biblical Missiology, 5/25/12
This month, the Assemblies of God (AOG) USA and the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) study committees have released their reports on the use of Father and Son in translation. The reports are for use by the respective denominations to deliberate on their relationship to translation societies such as Wycliffe/SIL and involved organizations such as Frontiers, and to serve as a greater impetus for mission engagement.

(51) “Two Sources of Power But Only One Source of Truth” by Nanci Des Gerlaise, author of Muddy Waters, 6/4/12
Nanci is a First Nations Canadian Cree woman who is the daughter and granddaughter of medicine men. Growing up, her life was filled with the practices and mystical experiences brought on from Native Spirituality. Today, as a born-again Christian, Nanci warns of these dangers as she sees many of her Native American Christian brothers and sisters incorporating Native Spirituality into their spiritual lives and also sees many non-Native Christians incorporating Native Spirituality into their own lives. A deep love for both Native Americans and non-Natives is what motivated Nanci to write Muddy Waters. It is also what has motivated Lighthouse Trails to publish the book. We would never want to give the impression that we or Nanci have any animosity toward Native Americans. On the contrary, we are very aware and deeply grieved about the injustices and cruel and prejudiced treatment that Native Americans have received in the past and sometimes still do.

(52) Updated! Perpetuating Nations Myths by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason, video preview, 6/5/12 - - See Preview 1, Preview 2 & Preview 3.

(53) Concerns Over NAIITS and Wheaton College’s Symposium on Indigenous Mission and Theology by Lighthouse Trails, 6/8/12
This weekend, Wheaton College and NAIITS (North American Institute for Indigenous Theology and Studies) are presenting the Symposium on Indigenous Mission and Theology.The symposium will be discussing the Indigenous People’s and First Nations Movements. One of the speakers, Richard Twiss, is a leader in these movements (where the belief that we are to redeem cultures and incorporate cultural practices into Christianity is taught). Lighthouse Trails author Nanci Des Gerlaise addresses this in her new book, Muddy Waters: an insider’s view of North American Native Spirituality (2nd ed). Below Des Gerlaise discusses the First Nations Movement’s efforts to “redeem the cultures.” 

(54) Wycliffe Arabic Bible - Product of the World Christian Movement? by Al Dagar, Media Spotlight, 6/19/12
The first thing I thought of when reading the reasons for this vile approach to Scripture is, “If they think they cannot use the familial terms for Father and Son, at the least haven’t they heard of footnotes?” I was pleased to find that this is what Biblical Missiology appeals to for any possibility of misunderstanding. Yet why be afraid of misunderstanding in the first place? Is not the Gospel supposed to be an offense to those who refuse truth? Have these people become so enamored of their political and social agendas that they have forgotten that Jesus is a stumbling stone and a rock of offense? Would it not be better to risk some misunderstanding in order to be true to God’s Word? Or have these people forgotten that understanding comes  through the Holy Spirit?  God is certainly capable of imparting understanding to the pure heart seeking truth.  All others will find fault no matter how far translators may go in attempting to placate them. Better to die for the truth than to make points with a lie.

(55) Shamanism or Cutting-Edge Christianity? by David Dombrowski, 6/22/12
We at Lighthouse Trails, as do other ministries like ours, have a sense of urgency to call all Christians to return to their true roots – namely the Gospel. Our loyalty needs to be with our Savior and not with the traditions of men. Whether we are Native American or of European or any other descent, Jesus Christ needs to be more precious than any of the things that would make us appear politically correct or gain the favor of men.

(56) Dream Catchers – Those Popular Spidery “Sacred Hoops” by Nanci Des Gerlaise, from Muddy Waters: an insider’s view of North American Native Spirituality, 6/29/12
Dream catchers—those spidery “sacred hoops” with feathers. They originated with the Ojibwa tribe during the ’60s and ’70s, supposedly to protect a sleeper by “catching” bad dreams or evil spirits. Then they caught on with other tribes and spread through the New Age movement into popular culture. Today, it is not uncommon to see dream catchers in gift and variety stores.

(57) Does God care what He is called - Can a Christian to call God by an Islamic name? by Mike Oppenheimer, 7/5/12
Does Christianity and Islam share the same God, the same teachings of God? If so then the names of God from each religion would be interchangeable. One issue that continues to come up is the name Allah as an appropriate generic name for God. Some believe this name is acceptable to use inside the church.

(58) Native Spirituality “Renewal” Emerges by Nanci Des Gerlaise, 8/4/12
While those practicing Native Spirituality may believe they are practicing a completely unique form of spirituality, originating with them, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Native Spirituality is just one part of a vast movement that is creating a paradigm shift in our present-day culture away from biblical Christianity and replacing it with an all-inclusive interspiritual global religion that relies heavily upon mystical practices. The results will create a “Christianity” that has no resemblance to biblical Christianity whatsoever.

(59) Lost In Translation UPDATE by Biblical Missiology, 9/8/12
Frankly, we're disappointed. Your "participation" was signing an online petition asking Frontiers to keep "Father" and "Son" in their Bible translations--and now you're being invited to support them. Some of you told us you were offended; others were confused. We agree. While you can use the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of Frontiers' email, today we asked Frontiers to stop sending support emails to people who didn't ask to be on their distribution list--people who have even expressed deep concerns about the work of Frontiers.  What was notably missing in Frontiers' report was any reference to their commitment to continue defending Bible translations that remove, revise or obscure the Scriptural terms for "Father," "Son" or "Son of God." For example, Frontiers produced the True Meaning of the Gospel of Christ in Arabic, which always removes "Father" in reference to God, and redefines or removes "Son." The Great Commission in Matthew 28:19 reads, "Cleanse them by water in the name of God, his Messiah, and his Holy Spirit," tragically avoiding the biblical and trinitarian wording of ". . . in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit." The True Meaning is still for sale on Amazon (UK) and the Al Kalima website.

(60) The Merging of Native Spirituality and the Emerging Church . . . for the “Healing” of the Nations? by Nanci Des Gerlaise, 9/14/12
The emerging church is a movement that is said to be a new way to do Christianity, a way that is supposed to reach out to the postmodern generation in a more relevant way than traditional Christianity. In reality, the emerging church, which is really a merging church, is a full-scale ecumenical effort to unite all religions against biblical Christianity by using mystical practices to accomplish this. In the emerging church, doctrine becomes unimportant while unity at all costs becomes the most important thing.

(61) A Medicine Man’s Daughter by Canadian Cree First Nations Author Nanci Des Gerlaise, From chapter 1 of Muddy Waters: an insider’s view of North American Native Spirituality, 11/29/12
But in spite of these “normal” childhood experiences, an underlying current of a mystical spirituality permeated our young lives. In fact, it affected nearly every aspect of our lives.

(62) A Word to Begin the New Year from a Native American Cree by Canadian Cree First Nations Author Nanci Des Gerlaise, From chapter 1 of Muddy Waters: an insider’s view of North American Native Spirituality, 1/2/13
According to some Native Spiritual practitioners that I know personally, including people from other religions, we worship the same God regardless of what name we use to call God. In 2011, an emergent church group held A Symposium on Progressive Christianity. Progressive Christianity is another way of saying non-biblical Christianity.

(63) “A Higher Power by Whatever Name”? by Dave Hunt, The Berean Call, 2/2/13
Question: Why are Christians so adamantly opposed to the many other concepts of God that are honored in other religions? I agree with what Vice President Al Gore said at the 1993 Presidential Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C.: “Faith in God, reliance upon a Higher Power, by whatever name, is in my view essential.” Think of the unity there could be if religions would stop quarreling and honor all concepts of God in an open-minded and brotherly fashion! Response [Excerpts]: Yes, think of the unity there could be if we would all agree that two plus two equals five—but that wouldn’t make it so. A “Higher Power”? How high? Higher than what? And what does this mean?

(64) Incarnating Christ excerpt from Tamara Hartzell's new online book: "Reimagining" God: Turning the Light off to Look for "Truth" in the Corner of a Dark Round Room, 2/5/13
Not only is today’s shifting Christianity obviously changing its methods and message in its purposeful shift to darkness, but it is also changing to “another gospel,” “another spirit,” “another Jesus,” as well as another “Christ” and another “God.”

(65) Lost In Translation UPDATE 2 by Biblical Missiology, 2/10/13
A year ago we introduced the petition to keep organizations faithful to translate the Bible, and in particular the terms "Son" and "Father" as they relate to the Triune nature of our God. A lot of time has passed, and much has been done, but we still need your help to build awareness about this travesty against the familial relationship of the Son and Father.  This year we have a lot more exciting things planned and we will keep you informed because we know you will not stand for these translations. Here is an update of what has been happening: As you know, missions agencies such as Wycliffe, Frontiers and SIL have been producing Bible translations that remove or replace "Father," "Son," or "Son of God" from the text, using instead terms such as "Guardian" or "Representative." Despite the objections of Christians all over the world, this practice continues: just a few months ago, Global Partners for Development (mentioned in our Fact Sheet) produced 10,000 copies of a new translation for Bangladesh, that uses "intimate chosen beloved One" instead of "Son," and "guardian" instead of "Father." Lost in translation, sadly, is the eternal, familial, loving relationship of God the Father and God the Son, and the invitation into that relationship established by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, the Son of God. 

(66) The Catechism, Biblical Worldview and Islam by Roger Dixon for Biblical Missiology, 2/4/13
Christian catechism and biblical worldview are related to Islamic theology though largely in a negative way. The theoretical categories such as God, man, sin, and salvation appear to be similar to those of Islam but the content is vastly different. Not only is the content different but also the worldview concepts that lie behind the content are understandably different. Because of this, it is possible for a Christian and a Muslim to discuss the nature of God without ever agreeing on any point even though they assume they are discussing the same God. In today’s world, there are Christian missionaries who are trying to blend biblical teaching with the theology of Islam without understanding that each aspect of doctrine carries different meaning for the two groups. When doctrine and practice differ, a fusing of the two is syncretism.

(67) Meaning Discrepancy in Terminology between Christians and Muslims by Georges Houssney for Biblical Missiology, 9/10/12
See other parts: Part One: The Historical Development of the Arabic Bible Part Two: My Personal Journey in Bible Translation Part Three: Translation Philosophy Part Four: The Need for a Paradigm Shift in Bible Translation Introduction This paper is based on almost forty years of involvement in Bible translation in various Middle Eastern languages.

(68) Book Review: Jesus the Son of God: A Christological title often overlooked, sometimes misunderstood, and currently disputed by D. A. Carson - Reviewed by Bunyan Towery for Biblical Missiology, 2/10/13
D. A. Carson’s survey of the term Son of God comprises three chapters of sound thinking and engaging prose. You will be tempted to skip chapters one and two in order to head right to chapter three (his evaluations). Do not give in to the temptation. It is well worth your time—it does not take much time to read a book that is slightly more than 100 pages in length—to work through the broad understanding of the Christological title (chapter one) and the exegesis of Hebrews 1 and John 5:16–30 (chapter two). Both chapters plow some important ground for the harvest of chapter three.

(69) Native Spirituality “Renewal” & the Emerging Church (Booklet) by Nanci Des Gerlaise, 3/23/13
While those practicing Native Spirituality may believe they are practicing a completely unique form of spirituality, originating with them, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Native Spirituality is just one part of a vast movement that is creating a paradigm shift in our present-day culture away from biblical Christianity and replacing it with an all-inclusive interspiritual global religion that relies heavily upon mystical practices. The results will create a “Christianity” that has no resemblance to biblical Christianity whatsoever.

(70) Can Cultures Be Redeemed? (Some Things You Should Know About the Indigenous People’s Movement) by Nanci Des Gerlaise, 3/26/13
A growing trend in the evangelical church is what is referred to as “redeeming the cultures” or “Cultural Identification.” Essentially, it is the idea that God created cultures and has no desire for anyone to leave their cultural practices but can incorporate their belief in Jesus into their already existing culture.

(71) Update on Wycliffe translations of "Father" and Son" by Biblical Missiology, 5/2/13
Thus, we see this moment as a critical time for Wycliffe/SIL. It is our sincerest hope they will produce faithful and accurate translations of God's Word and thus regain the trust of the global Church. 

(72) The Missionaries Brought A Foreign God ... DUH! by Sandy Simpson, 7/7/13
There is a repeated charge by adherents of the Word Christian Gathering on Indigenous People movement and Emerging Church that Christian missionaries brought news of a foreign god to most of the world. 

(73) "... this Christian concept of god ... is really something that was here (in Hawaii) from the very beginning"-Wayne Cordeiro, transcript of Connecting Point television interview of Daniel Kikawa by Wayne Cordeiro, July 15, 2005
Cordeiro states that Kikawa is a “respected scholar” and at the end wishes them the very best as “we continue to educate people of the true origins of faith in Hawaii.” Frankly some of the worst scholarship I have ever run into apart from the Transformations films by George Otis, Jr. are the books and materials put out by Kikawa.  Cordeiro is stating that they will work together to educate people of the true origins of faith in Hawaii” when Kikawa’s claims are, by in large, fraudulent.  This kind of information along with a whole host of other false teachings are being passed along in Cordeiro’s churches and school as well as in the Worlc Christian Gathering on Indigenous People conferences.

(74) "Monotheism" in Ancient Cultures is virtually non-existent by Sandy Simpson, 7/22/13
In conclusion, this puts the matter to rest about the claims that the religions of the world have always been monotheistic the further back in time you go.  Hogwash!  People who make these claims need to learn from anthropology, archeology and especially from the Bible!

(75) Catholic Syncretism Forms The Basis For The Teachings Of The World Christian Gathering on Indigenous People Movement (WCGIP) by Sandy Simpson, 8/1/13
The teachings of the WCGIP and their source materials by people like Richardson and Kikawa constitute a new radical syncretism that is leading to the one world false religion of "the woman who rides the beast" (Rev. 17:6-8).

(76) Exodus 3:13-15 God reveals his name to Moses by Mike Oppenheimer, 8/4/13
Then Moses said to God, "Indeed, when I come to the children of Israel and say to them, 'The God of your fathers has sent me to you,' and they say to me, 'What is His name?' what shall I say to them?" And God said to Moses, "I AM WHO I AM." And He said, "Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, 'I AM has sent me to you.' " Moreover God said to Moses, "Thus you shall say to the children of Israel: 'The LORD God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you. This is My name forever, and this is My memorial to all generations.' 

Updated! (77) A Jewish believer’s response to the new Mythology of Daniel Kikawa calling Io God by Mike Oppenheimer, 8/4/13
In 1994, I came across the claims of Daniel Kikawa in his book Perpetuated in Righteousness where he postulated a number of theories. One, that the Hawaiians may have come from two migrations in the Middle East: the Hebrews in the exodus. The other is that they knew God, the Hebrew God who is called by Io. We interviewed Kikawa for over an hour and a half the first time at the home of my co-partner in ministry, David -Alan. In our first interview with him, we discussed and asked numerous questions to be sure of what he was saying. Later on in the interview, we began to challenge his assertions. This is a portion of that interview that is pertinent to the topic of “God’s” name being Io.  Read Part 1: A Jewish believer’s response to the new Mythology of Daniel Kikawa calling Io God, Part 2: Proof Io is not the God of the Hebrew's or the Bible, Part 3: The new myth: that ancient cultures were monotheistic and knew the God of Israel as their god (Aloha Ke Akua), Part 4: A short look at the nations through Bible history, Part 5: A Supreme Benevolent god or the true God of Israel?, Part 6: Why none of this can this be true?, Part 7: Why this theory cannot be true - Israel made for the Lord's glory

(78) Can the Gospel be found in the Stars? by Mike Oppenheimer, 8/4/13
There are many people who have tried to prove this concept and it seems to always become a trend within the church. The Bible strictly forbids looking to the stars for knowledge, learning or answers (Deuteronomy 4:19; Isaiah 47:13). On this alone one should not entertain this concept.

(79) Why did God not speak to Gentiles the way he spoke to the Jews? by Matt Slick, 8/6/13
We can't know the exact reason why God did not speak to the Gentiles the way he spoke to the Jews because God does not tell us.  However, that does not mean we can't offer some possibilities based on what we see in Scripture.

(80) The History Of The Knowledge and Worship Of God by Sandy Simpson, 8/9/13
I have written this study as a further refute to the claims of people like Don Richardson, Daniel Kikawa, Danny Lehmann of YWAM and many other World Christian Gathering on Indigenous People (WCGIP) advocates.

(81) Unequal Contenders In The Spiritual War by Nanci Des Gerlaise, 8/21/13
God and Satan are not two equal powers in a dualistic battle between good and evil. God’s power is infinite whereas Satan can only do what the Lord gives him permission to do, as evidenced in the Book of Job. Therefore, Satan’s power is limited whereas God’s power is without limit. Our Lord reigns as the supreme Creator and King of the universe, and His purposes are being accomplished in the world whether or not His creatures accept Him as Lord. The following information illustrates the relationship between God and His creation.

(82) Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? by Matt Slick, CARM, 9/2/13
No, Christians and Muslims do not worship the same God.  There are similarities in their views of God, but there are also distinct differences. 

(83) Are they accepting Allah's name at Calvary Chapel? by Mike Oppenheimer, 9/2/13
This is the caution, we need to be very careful in using new evangelistic methods so that we do not have any syncretism of Islam with portions of Christianity, as in Chrislam.

(84) A Reexamination of "Eternity" in Ecc. 3:11 by Brian Gault, 9/11/13
This scholarly examination by a Jewish scholar of this passage used for the title of Don Richardson's book gives the many possible interpretations of the Hebrew word "owlam" used there.  As stated in my article the majority of English Bible translations actually translate the phrase as "the world in their hearts".  Brian mentions that interpretation but concludes the passage should have been translated as follows:  "The phrase "God has placed eternity in their hearts" from (Eccles. 3:11) has become cliché in contemporary missiology and a repeated refrain from many Christian pulpits today.In his popular work, Eternity in Their Hearts, missiologist Don Richardson reports on stories that reveal a belief in the one true God in many cultures around the world. Based on Qoheleth’s words Richardson proposes that God has prepared the world for the gospel of Jesus Christ? In support of his thesis Richardson appeals to the words of the late scholar Gleason Archer, “Humankind has a God-given ability to grasp the concept of eternity.” While commonly accepted by scholars and laypersons alike, this notion is curiously absent from the writings of the early church fathers as well as the major theological treatise of William Carey, the founder of the modern missionary movement? ... Therefore  this  enigmatic  phrase  may  best  be  read,  "He has also placed darkness/ignorance in their hearts."  If this translation is accurate, this puts it in an even more opposing light than what Richardson has tried to conclude in his book.

(85) Don Richardson’s “Heaven Wins” - The “Inclusivist” Heresy & Richardson’s Background With commentary by Sandy Simpson, 9/18/13
Inclusivism: Whereas Exclusivists regard general revelation as informative only and special revelation as both informative and salvific, Inclusivists, by contrast, regard general revelation as both informative and salvific and special revelation as even mere deeply informative and even more effectively and widely salvific! (Don Richardson, Heaven Wins)

(86) The religious history of mankind - General revelation, the law and the revelation of Christ by Mike Oppenheimer, 9/22/13
There is no example in the Bible of anyone “saved” by general revelation. No one looked up at the stars or studied nature and was saved. The Bible says we are all saved the same way, by Christ's sacrifice. Jesus gave His own life according to the Fathers will to save the lost, faith in what He did must be exercised or it is only understood as a historical event.

(87) Questions For Those Who Claim The "Supreme Beings" Of The Nations Are The True God by Sandy Simpson, 10/14/13
I have some questions for those of the World Christian Gathering of Indigenous People (WCGIP) adherents such as Don Richardson, Daniel Kikawa, Richard Twiss (deceased), Terry LeBlanc, Danny Lehman, Aloha Ke Akua, YWAM as well as many in the Emergent Church (EC) ... the questions arise from their claim that the "supreme beings" of the nations are all the True God, YHWH, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  You can read more on this subject in our book "Idolatry In Their Hearts" or in the WCGIP section of my site. 

(88) Malaysia Rules Catholic Paper Can't Use 'Allah' - Reverses 2009 Lower-Court Ruling That Sparked Arson and Other Vandalism By Abhrajit Gangopadhyay and Celine Fernandez, 10/20/13
Comment by Mike Oppenheimer:  This is unbelievable to me, do they not know their Bible. They are calling on a different god than the God of the Bible, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God. There is  Son or Father God in Islam. If they are faced with terrorism do the call on Allah? You can thank the Catholics for this kind of merging of names. As if the Hebrew name or even Greek name that the bible was written in is not adequate to use. Catholics have always brought portions over of other religions to merge with their Catholicism but this should be evident what not to do. Calling YHWH, the God of Israel Allah cannot be acceptable to Biblical practicing believers nor to God himself. Its time to make a change and correct this compromise. For God is not lenient in calling upon him with other gods names. Certainly a solution can be found to call im Father as the New Testament teaches and even uses the Aramaic for this. Nowhere will you find an apostle using a particular gods name, they purposely use the generic Greek term, theos for the Gentiles they were witnessing to. 

(89) What did Paul mean that he became all things to all men? by Mike Oppenheimer, 10/26/13
An example of reaching the gentiles in Acts 17. He showed the philosophers they were wrong from logic, their own history and the Bible and explained to them what is right.  He was brought to Mars Hill where the finest philosophers and seekers congregated. He used what the Athenians did not know, an altar to an unknown god to make known to them what he knew (Acts 17). V.23 “the One whom you worship without knowing, Him I proclaim to you.” Paul was not complimenting their religious worship as they were idolaters. In v.30 Paul did not mock them but gave it to them straight "Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent.” These religious men of prestige were offended as he told them they would be judged by a man who came back to life (Acts 17:31-33).

(90) Why is biblical salvation so narrow? by Matt Slick, CARM, 11/14/13
So, since the only way for us to be forgiven is by the work of God and Jesus is God in flesh, then the only way to be saved is through the single person of Jesus. That is why Jesus said in John 14:6, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me."  Also, It says in Acts 4:12, "And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved."  There is no other way to be saved because "...if righteousness comes through the Law, then Christ died needlessly," (Galatians 2:21).  And, "...if a law had been given which was able to impart life, then righteousness would indeed have been based on law," (Galatians 3:21).

(91) The Native Spirituality “Medicine Wheel” and The Circle Maker by Nanci Des Gerlaise, 11/19/13
While Batterson doesn’t talk about Native Spirituality in his book, I feel it is worth mentioning his book and his “circle making” because this is a way that conditions Christians to more readily accept Native Spirituality, whether Batterson intended it or not. Everything in Native Spirituality is done in circles because the power of the world works in circles, so everything is deemed circular from childhood to worship. As the moon, sun, and earth are all round, so it is that all circles attract a spiritual energy as does symbolic expression. The circle that the medicine wheel represents is an integration of energy and matter, as well as spirit and man, so as to achieve a greater spiritual understanding and creation. Some segments of Native Spirituality involving circles are: round dances, talking circles, pipe ceremonies, drums, four quadrants (north, south, east and west), seasons, and life of man.

(92) Don Richardson’s “Heaven Wins” - The “Inclusivist” Heresy & Richardson’s Background With commentary by Sandy Simpson, 9/18/13
Inclusivism: Whereas Exclusivists regard general revelation as informative only and special revelation as both informative and salvific, Inclusivists, by contrast, regard general revelation as both informative and salvific and special revelation as even mere deeply informative and even more effectively and widely salvific! (Don Richardson, Heaven Wins)

(93) Night Marchers and UFOs on the Big Island by Sandy Simpson, 1/13/14
With the resurgence of the old religion of Hawaii and the continual invocation of Pelé and other "deities" for years in the secular culture and even in churches with regards to worshipping 'Io, is it any wonder that those beings are beginning to manifest again?  In a story called "Night Marchers" on the Kawaihae site and in a YouTube video on the same subject, eyewitnesses claim all kinds of sightings that they think are the warriors, ancestors and demi-gods of Hawaii coming back.  Interestingly the first book the Hawaiian Heritage site recommends in its "Suggested Reading" list is "Perpetuated in Righteousness" by Daniel Kikawa that we reviewed in our book "Idolatry In Their Hearts" by Sandy Simpson and Mike Oppenheimer. Since Kikawa claims that 'Io is the True God and one that the Hawaiians worshipped in secret, we have to wonder if Kikawa also thinks 'Io is showing up in these night marches? Since YWAM, Aloha Ke Akua and Hilo New Hope participated in worshipping 'Io at the "edge of Hale-ma'uma'u Crater" it sounds like they have all been inviting the old "gods" to return to Hawaii.

(94) Jesus Christ Presented as the Son of Allah – A “New” Way of Doing Missions? by Paul Proctor, 1/24/14
I have addressed, on numerous occasions, the Church’s ongoing efforts to reinvent Christianity into a global religion of Results & Relationships by using the powers of pragmatism and consensus to artificially grow itself into something more widely accepted by the world instead of faithfully proclaiming the Word of God “in season and out” as we are commanded to do in 2nd Timothy 4:2. The leaders of the new spirituality and its church growth movement have always had a hard time avoiding the “wide gate” and “broad way” choosing clever methods of “evangelism” that are not only incompatible with God’s Word, but also prove them unwilling to trust Him with the increase – ever looking for something more clever, spectacular and impressive to glory in and boast about to a watching world. “…for men to search their own glory is not glory.” – Proverbs 25:27b “So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.” – 1st Corinthians 3:7 There’s no better example of this than a story from The Baptist Standard where Christians are encouraged by a “veteran missionary” to employ what’s called “The Camel Method” to evangelize, where the Quran is used, instead of the Bible, to share Christ with Muslims – a method that reportedly utilizes “selected verses” and “doesn’t teach or lecture, but asks questions.”

(95) A First Nations Cree Talks About “Living Waters” – From Darkness to Light by Nanci Des Gerlaise, 2/2/14
This is why it is so important to discern the types of “spirituality” we practice. And that is why the Bible continuously warns the people of God against involvement in worldly and demonic spiritual practices. Christians must separate themselves entirely from any spiritual practice that involves trying to create mystical experiences, something that is clearly not approved of in the Bible. Ephesians warns us: See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. (Ephesians 5:15–16)

(96) Replacement Theology On Steroids! by Sandy Simpson, 2/13/14
The teachings of the New Apostolic, Emergent Church and World Christian Gathering of Indigenous People are promoting both Inclusivism and a new, radical, Replacement Theology.  It is therefore imperative that true believers get away from these false teachers who are teaching utter heresy and stand up for the truths of God’s Word before all mission work is lost.

(97) The Cleansing of Hawaii on March 14 1998, as told by Daniel Kikawa by Mike Oppenheimer, 3/12/14
The real teachings and spirituality promoted by Aloha Ke Akua.  Read Part 1 - The Cleansing of Hawaii on March 14 1998, as told by Daniel Kikawa & Part 2 - Rebuttal on the The Cleansing of Hawaii on March 14 1998

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