Harry Potter Christians
by Sandy Simpson, 11/16/01

With the release of the Harry Potter movie expecting the largest revenue for any movie released to date and the sales in the multiple millions of Harry Potter series books, I think it's time to make some comparisons.  This article is not a review of the Harry Potter movie or the book, and for that you can find a number of articles that do a careful analysis of the dangers of teaching our children that sorcery is something that is good and desirable.  For Harry Potter books and movie reviews from a Christian perspective, read the following articles.

This article, however, is about what I am terming "Harry Potter Christians".  Whether or not Third Wavers approve of Harry Potter books and the movie, they are living, practicing Harry Potters nonetheless.  Let me give some examples:

Benny Hinn

"The secret to Hinn's power is his peculiar anointing, which he connects with Kathryn Kuhlman and Aimee McPherson, founder of the Foursquare Gospel Church. He first felt the "full power of the Holy Spirit" on him at a Kuhlman healing service in 1973-- and her mantle has presumably fallen upon Hinn. He conducts his meetings almost exactly like hers -- though it takes Hinn much longer to get his audience into the expectant mood that seems to generate psychosomatic "miracles." In an April 7, 1991 sermon, Hinn revealed that he periodically visits Kuhlman's grave and that he is one of the few with a key to gain access to it. He also visits Aimee's grave, where he says: "I felt a terrific anointing ... I was shaking all over ... trembling under the power of God ... `Dear God,' I said, `I feel the anointing.' ... I believe the anointing has lingered over Aimee's body." (Beware Of Charismatic Leader Benny Hinn in Dave Hunt's CIB Bulletin, Feb. 1992,  http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/benny.htm )

"Hinn claims to actually be a channel for God-that God enters him and takes over his mind and tongue to the point where he is unaware of what he has said. After his sermon on December 31, 1989, at Orlando Christian Center, during which he gave several future prophecies, Hinn expressed that he was drunk-presumably on the Holy Spirit-and asked someone to tell him what he had just said. In another statement, Hinn asserts that though we are not Almighty God Himself, nevertheless, we are now divine (12/1/90 TBN)." (Benny Hinn - His Teachings Biblical Discernment Ministries, 1992,  http://www.rapidnet.com/~jbeard/bdm/exposes/hinn/general.htm )

"Benny Hinn made the following statement during an appearance of CNN's ‘Larry King Live' program,  ‘God did not have to send His Son, but He did because He uses men'. It is Hinn's contention that Christians are ‘little Messiah's' and ‘little gods'. He has even gone so far as to state, in reference to himself, ‘I face devils as the Son of God.'" (Benny Hinn: His Golden Egg by E.L. Bynum, 1998,  http://www.llano.net/baptist/hinnsgoldenegg.htm )

"Not be be outdone by his wife, Benny Hinn has recently been seen growling in a weird voice, laying curses on Christians who disagree with him (this is nothing new), knocking children down with "slain in the spirit" while yelling things like "Fire" and "Execute him", and prophesying over Paul Crouch with what I can only describe as a papal air." (Benny Hinn - A "New" Dark "Anointing" by Sandy Simpson,  http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/hinndark.html )

"I was in prayer one day and a man appeared in front of me. It happened for two days in a row. ... He was about six feet two. Old man. Had a …Glistening white beard. ... Eyes - crystal blue. He had on a white garment ... On his head was a like a shawl - like a - like a like a covering… every part of him glistened like crystal. ... Now, I know you may think I've lost my mind, but the Lord said, "Elijah, the prophet." ... You know, when that happened? That happened days before the anointing on my life doubled." (HONOLULU CRUSADE Feb. 28, 1997)" (Benny Hinn's Romance With Necromancy, Part 2  by Mike Oppenheimer, 1999, http://www.letusreason.org/Pent.28.htm )

"According to an eye witness account: "In the recent Denver crusade Hinn became a different person under the influence of the "anointing" unlike anything seen before. So much so, that his voice changed to a "growl". He was telling the people to raise their hands and exalt the master Jesus. It was obvious that he was not talking about the Jesus of the Bible. He also cursed all, who would raise their hands against his ministry in word or deed."  (Benny Hinn - Going Lower! by Philip L. Powell, 1999, http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/hinnlower.html )

"Charismatic leader Benny Hinn on Paul & Jan Crouch's TBN said people are going to be raised from the dead watching TBN. He said "People are going to be canceling funeral services and bringing their dead in their caskets, placing them before a TV set, waiting for God's power to…touch them." (Benny Hinn Claims Dead Will Live ... Just Place Them Next To The TV Set  by The Calvary Contender, 12/99,  http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/deadwilllive.html )

"And when she came running down that's when the face of the Lord appeared in the main sanctuary.  She was screaming, we all began screaming, and for eight weeks the Lord's face sit on that balcony, on the wall.  And what was even more remarkable is that night, that Sunday night service when I was having a healing service, as I was speaking the mouth was moving.  The mouth ... the Lord's face was on the wall and you could see the mouth moving as I was speaking." (Benny Hinn, This Is Your Day, April 21, 2000) (Benny Hinn The Puppet Master by Sandy Simpson, 5/8/00,  http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/hinnpuppet.html )

"The hour is urgent. Many of you have known me for many years. But I am telling you right now, things I haven't said years 'n years 'n years ago. I believe - here this, hear this! I believe, that Jesus, God's Son, is about to appear physically, in meetings and to believers around the world, to wake us up! He appeared after His resurrection and He is about to appear before His second coming! You know a prophetess sent me a word through my wife, right here, and she said 'Tell your husband that Jesus is go'n to physically appear in his meetings.' I am expecting to see, I am telling you that - I feel it's going to happen. I, I, I'm, I'm careful in how I am saying it now, because I know the people in Kenya are listening. I know deep in my soul, something supernatural is going to happen in Nai - in Nairobi Kenya. I feel that. I may very well come back, and you and Jan are coming, to - Paul and Jan are coming to Nairobi with me, but Paul, we may very well come back with footage of Jesus on the platform! You know that the Lord appeared in Romania recently, and there's a video of it? Where the Lord appeared in the back of a church and you see him on video walking down the isle? Yeah! Paul do you remember when I came on TBN years ago and showed you a clip of the Lord appearing in our church in Orlando, on the balcony on the wall? Yeah. You, you remember that? [Paul Crouch] Very well, I saw it! [Benny Hinn] That was '80, 80 something, '86, what - whatever. You know I always wondered why the Lord, why did He do that? Do you know why, now I look back? That was the beginning of the greatest move of God in our church. Because '83, '84, and '85 were horrible years for me, horrible years. Eighty-six the blessings of God began, but they began with a - with this manifestation of the Lord's face on, on the balcony, that stayed for eight weeks. Eight solid weeks! The Lord has done this in the past, but He is about to do it again, now hear this, I am prophesying this! Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is about to appear physically in some churches, and some meetings, and to many of His people, for one reason - to tell you He is about to show up! To Wake Up! Jesus is coming saints!"  (Benny Hinn, April 2nd, 2000) (Benny Hinn - False Prophet by Sandy Simpson, 5/6/00,  http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/hinnfalse.html )

Kenneth Copeland

Faith is a Force (like Starwars). (Kenneth Copeland, Spirit, Soul and Body, #01-0601, Tape #1)

"You don't have a god in you, you are one." (Kenneth Copeland, "The Force Of Love" tape # 02-0028)

"Faith is a power force," he claims. "It is a tangible force. It is a conductive force." (Kenneth Copeland, The Force of Faith (Fort Worth: KCP Publications, 1989), 10.)

"Faith is a spiritual force....It is substance. Faith has the ability to effect natural substance." (Kenneth Copeland, Forces of the Recreated Human Spirit (Fort Worth: Kenneth Copeland Ministries, 1982), 8.)

"Words are spiritual containers," (Kenneth Copeland, Forces of the Recreated Human Spirit, 15; cf. 14.)

"Words are the most sacred things....This is a word planet...governed by words...created by words....Words cause it to function...cause life...cause death....Words go on forever....Words are holy." (Kenneth Copeland, The Abrahamic Covenant, side 1.)

"You have the same creative faith and ability on the inside of you that God used when he created the heavens and the earth." (Kenneth Copeland, Inner Image of the Covenant, side 2.)

"lt's all a copy. If's a copy of home. It's a copy of the mother planet. Where God lives, He made a little one just like His and put us on it." (Kenneth Copeland, "Following the Faith of Abraham 1" (Kenneth Copeland Ministries, 1989, audio tape #01-3001, side 1)

C. Peter Wagner & Others in the New Apostolic Reformation

In Confronting the Powers, C. Peter Wagner describes spiritual warfare as having three levels (Ground-level, Occult-level and Strategic-level or Cosmic-level.  Here's what he says about "Cosmic-level warfare): "... Strategic-Level or Cosmic-Level: To bind and bring down spiritual principalities and powers that rule over governments." (C. Peter Wagner, Confronting the Powers, pp.21-22)

The premise of this book (Engaging the Enemy by C. Peter Wagner) is a) that Satan and his demons are real; b) that there is a spiritual warfare; c) that Satan's hosts include territorial spirit-demons that may be identified by name; and d) that
Christians are to engage in battle with territorial spirit-demons by name in aggressive prayer. (Engaging the Enemy, by C. Peter Wagner. (Ventura, CA: Regal Books, 1991), 206pp; reviewed by Morris McDonald,

“More than any place I know, the most prominent Christian leaders in Argentina, such as Omar Cabrerro and Carlos Annacondia, Hector Giminez and others, overtly challenge and curse Satan and his demonic forces both in
private prayer and in public platforms. The nation as a whole is engaged in a world class power encounter.” (Engaging the Enemy C P. Wagner. Regal Books, p 4 6)

“I myself feel that God may be calling, equipping, and enabling a relatively small number of Christian leaders to move out in frontline, strategic-level spiritual warfare. And I also believe He is raising up large numbers of Christians to back up these people with moral support, intercession, encouragement, and material resources. God, I think, is in the process of choosing an expanding corps of spiritual green berets such as Eduardo Lorenzo, Cindy Jacobs, Larry Lea, Carlos Annacondia, John Dawson, Edgardo Silvoso or Dick Bernal, who will engage in the crucial high-level battles against the rulers of darkness and consequently see measurable increases in the numbers of lost people who “turn from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God.” (Acts 26:18) (Peter Wagner, “Warfare Prayer”, (Ventura, Ca.: Regal Books, 1992), pp. p. 58)

"The Sentinel Group, led by George Otis, Jr., researched and published a book called Strongholds of the 10/40 Window (YWAM Publishing), which served as a guide for targeting our prayers. When we began we wondered if we might be able to help 1 million Christians to pray in one accord for the same nation on the same day during the month. However, when we finished, we found that 21 million had joined to fight the air war with powerful prayer!" (["Praying Through The 10/40 Window IV: A Message From Peter Wagner" (http://www.ad2000.org/ptw4wag.htm, posted 07/21/99)]

"Spying out the land is essential when warring for a city...Christians should walk or drive every major freeway, avenue, and road of their cities, praying and coming against demonic strongholds over every neighborhood... Even if you don't see instant results, keep the trumpets blowing.. Always remember, God is not slack concerning His promise; the walls will come down!" (Engaging the Enemy: How to Fight and Defeat Territorial Spirits - C. Peter Wagner, Ventura,CA; Regal , p. 98)

"One of our adjunct professors, John Wimber, who is a pastor of Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Yorba Linda, California, came to us recently with a suggestion that we offer a course in Signs, Wonders and Church Growth.  I agreed to cosponsor the course with him, and early in 1982 we experimented with it." (On The Crest Of The Wave, C. Peter Wagner, 1983, pg. 131-132)

"We’re going to new levels in the spiritual. We’re going to new levels in healing and miracles. We’re going to new levels in deliverance of demonic deliverance. And so this is the new era we are going into and I don't know if it is coincidental or what, but its just as we are moving into the new millennium.” (C. Peter Wagner, CBN interview Jan. 3, 2000)

“I believe the March for Jesus has the potential to become one of the most powerful vehicles for the advancement of the kingdom of God that we have yet known - generating new spiritual power for unprecendented evangelistic harvests, as well as for measurable changes in our societies toward righteousness and social justice ... This kind of public declaration can do serious damage to the principalities and powers of darkness over a city ... What tremendous spiritual power will be released on that day  I anticipate a world that will never again be the same.” (Ministries today May/June 1992, C. Peter Wagner - Marching for Jesus).

1. Spiritual guardians of localities: “many are called to be gatekeepers and watchmen over their cities and nations” ... 5. Guardians who hold the keys of the kingdom “gatekeepers were responsible for guarding the house of the Lord, (v.23) and held the keys to the Lord's house (v. 27). Keys in scripture represent authority. Jesus gave us the keys of the Kingdom (Matthew 16:19) This was authority to establish Kingdom rule on earth.” 6. Opening of spiritual portals of various kinds “there is a sense in which the scriptures speak about gates as portals or openings into the heavenlies, as Jacob discovered. He said:’How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven!’ (Genesis 28:11-17). Not all of these gates are portals we would want to open, however! Both Job 38:17 and Psalm 9:13 speak of "gates of death". (For a fuller study on this subject see George Otis Jnr.'s "The Twilight Labyrinth.") The gates of the Lord, however, are gates of righteousness and may be entered by the righteous. (Psalm 118:20)” (Cheryl McGrath of Great South Land Ministries, http://www.banner.org.uk/res/gatekeepers.html)

[Cindy Jacobs] Mercy! Mercy! Let Your light come! Let Your truth come! Let Your anointing fall! Let your wind come! Let your wind blow! Let evil be dispersed, O God! Let the strongholds of darkness be pushed back! Push them back, Lord! We say, Open the gates in the East! Open the gates in the East! Open the gates in the East! Open the gates in the East! OPEN! OPEN! OPEN! OPEN UP! OPEN UP! Gates of the Lord, Open! In the name of Jesus, Open! Gates of the Lord, Open! Open, Lord, Open.  [Chuck Pierce:] We declare great conversion! Great conversion! Great conversion of Islam!  [Dutch Sheets] Yes! We call forth Your glory over that city! We call forth Your light! We call forth truth! We call forth brotherly love and harmony! We break down greed, materialism, power, racial strife, and division! We call it all down in Jesus’ name, poverty, hatred, division, strife! We pull it down in Jesus’ name!  Now, we just say, let our prayers go forth like missiles, guided missiles and smart bombs. Lord, You know where they need to go. And You just take them and direct them by Your Spirit. We say, in Jesus’ name, they will hit the mark! Every Gate on the East Coast, the Eastern Gate, we say, Open Up, in Jesus’ name, to the Spirit of the Lord! Open Up! Open Up! Gates of Righteousness, Psalm 118, the Gates of Righteousness, we command you to open on the Eastern Seaboard, the Eastern Coast. Open Up! Let the glory of the Lord come, in Jesus’ name. We send forth the arrow of the Lord’s deliverance to the Eastern Coast of the United States of America. We say, as a laser of the Spirit, that the lightning of God will go forth and penetrate, penetrate, penetrate! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! The breaker anointing! We call on the breaker anointing, to break through for us. We ask You Lord right now, we ask You for angelic hosts to be released to the Eastern Coast. We ask You for legions of angels,  hosts, myriads of angels! Lord of Hosts, send a host of angels, warring angels, to the Eastern Coast, to unlock the Gates of Righteousness! OPEN! OPEN! OPEN! Yes!  [Bill Hamon:] Amen. Father, as a father of the prophetic, we release the prophetic supernatural signs and wonders and apostolic miracles. We open the Eastern Gate, and let the King of Glory come in! Come in! Come in! Come in! Come in! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Halleluia! Yeah! Wow! All right! (Cindy Jacobs, Bill Hamon, Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets with the Great Invocation, Prophetic Conference, http://www.banner.org.uk/res/gatekeepers1.html)

"I AM CALLING FORTH MY GATEKEEPERS:...In addition to the following information, I'd like to add the fact that wiccans call forth their gatekeeper(s) through what they consider to be their major gate: Northeast, Salem, Mass. Please do not pray against/shut this particular gate unless you know that you have the authority to do so." (Joanne Gavlick, http://www.banner.org.uk/res/gatekeepers3.html)

John Kilpatrick/Steve Hill/Michael Brown of Brownsville Assembly of God

Steve Hill said "Don't leave me now ... just hang in there ... we'll get to the good stuff soon" (stopping to speak of the "anointing" every so often while teaching from Scripture.) (Revival ... or Satanic Counterfeit?, Jimmy Robbins, 1996) Later Steve Hill started putting his hand on people's foreheads and shouting "Fire, fire, fire, fire, fire , fire, fire, fire, fire ..." endlessly.

John Kilpatrick said "Let (yourselves) go" ... "do not think about what you are doing" ... "just give yourselves completely to the `spirit'".(Revival ... or Satanic Counterfeit?, Jimmy Robbins, 1996)

Kilpatrick stood on the platform praying with Hill and another man when he suddenly heard a sound like a "rushing mighty wind" sweep over his right shoulder. As Kilpatrick looked over his shoulder, he said his ankles slipped, his knees bowed out, and a sudden "river of the glory of God" moved between his legs. "It felt like a telephone pole," he said. "An endless telephone pole was coming through my legs and it was coming in the church." With some help from another man on the platform, Kilpatrick stepped back and listened to the sound of the "rushing mighty wind" and what he described as the "river of the glory of God" as it swept into the church. He suddenly jumped to the pulpit and screamed, "My God, church, get in! This is it! This is what we've been praying for! Get in!" (The Brownsville/Pensacola Outpouring. Revival or Pandemonium?, Matt Costella, Staff Writer ©FOUNDATION Magazine, March-April 1997

"God sent pandemonium in the church," he said. "I think it's time that we have grand pandemonium in the Baptists, in the Lutheran, the Episcopal, the Assembly of God [churches]. God send pandemonium!" Kilpatrick exclaimed. (The Brownsville/Pensacola Outpouring. Revival or Pandemonium?, Matt Costella, Staff Writer ©FOUNDATION Magazine, March-April 1997)

After John Kilpatrick completed his anecdotal stories about manifestations, things went from bad to worse. His "speaking in tongues" for a long period without an interpretation was a red flag. I guess that what he was doing would have been labeled "speaking in tongues," but it sounded more like an Indian chant "Oo-ee-ah-oo-ee" (with occasional "whoosh" and "shew . . . Holy Ghost" sounds made into the microphone etc.). This "chanting" went on for a period of over twenty minutes. (I Experienced the "Pensacola Outpouring" and Came Home Crying Tears and Praying, Shawn Paul Sauve, 1997)

"Your words contain power. . . . As your words leave your mouth, the "spirit" of what you just said fills the air and begins to rumble around in your home. . . . Like bubbles of air, your words burst and begin to affect the atmosphere. . . These influences or spirits then move from one person to the next, to the next, and so on ... One day the Holy Spirit showed me my error. From that time on, I began to pray the solution instead of the problem. I began to speak into existence those things that were not. . . . Jacob [in blessing his sons] spoke powerful things that called into being thing  that were not yet visible." (John Kilpatrick, When the Heavens Are Brass, 109 ... Ibid., 128)

"Manifestations:  1. Falling on the floor - (being slain in the Spirit) - Resting in the presence of God. Something tremendously important is being done within you (deep inner healing, preparation for ministry, physical healing, receiving of visions, feeling the love of God. )  2. Laughter - The medical profession has discovered health and wholeness comes through laughter. Healing can come through laughter.  3. Shaking ( head, hands, feet, and body ) - Sign of a much deeper happening. Not just the body is shaking, but there is a Prophetic shaking. This is often a type of intercessory prayer. People who shake are often used Prophetically. God will shake the status quo and our agendas, plans, complacency, and the theology that says God only works "this way." Everything built on sand will be shaken.  4. Deep bowing - The Jewish people who worship at the wailing wall do so with deep bowing. This manifestation is usually seen in intercessors.  This paper was passed out at Brownsville Assembly of God (11/5/95) to explain the manifestations that are taking place during the revival." (Manifestations of God's Power, 1995 by John A. Kilpatrick, http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/kilpatrick.html)

"STEVE HILL: "I didn't believe in God, but he said, 'Say the name Jesus.' So out of desperation I looked up at the ceiling of the room, and I said, 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.' I just began to say that name. And a power came through my body, and in a matter of seconds, it was like I was brand new. I'm not using the needle anymore. I'm not drinking whiskey anymore. I'm not depending on a six pack of beer anymore. I'm not smoking pot anymore. I don't need pornography anymore. He's changed my life." (Steve Hill testimony of "salvation", http://www.wayoflife.org/fbns/testimonylaughing.htm)

"Those who came for "intercession" before the meetings were told that Brownsville AOG had found new, improved ways to intercede. They were told to only praise and worship the Lord, to walk around the building liberally using their hands through the air, to not petition the Lord for anything during "intercession", and to use their prayer languages exclusively. When this "intercession" started, those who had already received the Brownsville experience, began to walk about the room, some speaking loudly in tongues or repeating the name of Jesus over and over again. Some went to the doors, the doorknobs, the chairs and every article in the room and drew crosses on each of these items with their fingers. Some walked madly about waving their arms and obviously getting worked up into a frenzy. This is what got them properly prepared for the service later." (A Different Gospel? by Sandy Simpson, 1997, http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/differ.html)

"One drama was played out by a young Brownsville "slayee", who had apparently received a mega dose of the Brownsville phenomenon, in front of a group of non-Brownsville "slayee" observers. He was using his new-found ability to send his friend to the floor over and over again. The friend would just start to get up and he would be "zapped" again and sent to the carpet. As they were laughing about it, we became less and less humored. It seemed to us that (a) if this was the Holy Spirit then it was a very flippant use of His power for ministry and (b) if it wasn't, it was downright ludicrous and possibly dangerous." (A Different Gospel? by Sandy Simpson, 1997, http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/differ.html)

"Then the manifestations began.  Young girls walking around gesturing as though they were mentally ill.  One of the worship leaders, a female, collapsed on the floor during the worship where she remained for a long time.  I kept telling myself.. keep an open mind. I kept asking God.. is this you.. if this is you, give me a peace in my spirit.  It never came.  As the speakers began to share, I became increasing disturbed.  They spoke of the mystical appearance of the river on that fateful Sunday in June of 1995 and how its power swept into the building and changed everything.  They went on and on about manifestations, particularly about bizarre behaviors in which they believed they were birthing things through intercession.  The pastor's wife spoke and the entire time she was on the platform she jerked uncontrollably as she told stories of phenomenon." (EYEWITNESSES WARNINGS OF BROWNSVILLE, PENSACOLA, REPORT DATE:  4 FEB 1997. FROM:  MRS BARBARA L. (-USA)., http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/pensa3.html)

John Arnott & Others in the Toronto "Blessing"

"We have had word after word about "get ready, cause you're just on the hors d'oeuvres right now," but, the power is coming. We've had a word that said, you know, "I'm just going easy on you now with this kind of stuff so you can kind of get used to me and acclimatize, because with the real power shows up I don't want you to be terrified!" (John Arnott, Receiving the Spirit's Power)

"I finally start to ask Carol, "Honey, what do you feel?" (Carol), "Oh, it's just wonderful." (Arnott), 'Well, help me," you know, and so she says, "Now, just tune in," and so I'd be tuned in and I'm there, going like this,...and maybe I'd
even start weaving a little bit, and I'm thinking "Lord, do I feel something on my hands or am I just making this up? Is there something here or am I so wanting this?"...And Carol would say, "No, no, I can feel Him going in, I can feel Him going in, Just keep focused!" You know and then...she'd say, "Oops, where did you go?" I'd say, "What do you mean?" She'd say, "I feel it coming back on me, where did you go?" And I would realize my mind had drifted off again someplace."(John Arnott, Receiving the Spirit's Power)

Arnott says about manifestation expectations: "People ask us all the time, "What do you feel?" and that's a valid question. At first, it's almost imperceptible, but you think your hands are feeling a little heavier, this is my experience, and as you love Him, and stay tuned to that and say, "Oh, Lord, more of your presence," and it gets heavier and they begin to tingle, kind of, sort of like electricity and it can flow all up and down your arms and all over your face and up and down your legs and when it really increases, it's like you're being electrocuted, almost."  (Toronto Leaders Speak for Themselves, Bob Hunter, 1997)

"Standard charismatic manifestations" in these types of meetings include but are not limited to laughing, crying, shaking, running around the building, fast dancing, running, etc, followed by collapse; barking-howling, trances, drunkenness, falling out, oinking, being "hot", fanning self or blowing (Article entitled "More on the Revival" by Richard M Riss), hooting like owls (Renewal Magazine UK April 1995 issue, page 43), walking like chickens (Impact Magazine Singapore June/July 1995 Issue, page 2), high pitched whine reminiscent of a lively horse (Electronic Version of Jesus Army Streetpaper, United Kingdom 12th May 1995), mooing and crowing (book entitled "Signs of Revival" by Patrick Dixon 1994 edition, page 29), swimming in the spirit-on the back and also breast stroke style (book entitled "Signs of Revival" By Patrick Dixon 1994 Edition, page 27), women going through imaginary birth pangs (witnessed by Phillip Johnson, Internet:phillipj@smartdocs.com), hopping like kangaroos (Signals Prophetic Newsletter @1991-1994, 107 Apricot Street LA 70037, Page 2), loss of conciousness (Article entitled "Revival" Richard Riss' Home Page, http://WWW.grmi.org/Richard_Riss/homepage, page 5), trying to soar like eagles (An Eyewitness Account by Dr RL Hymers, PO Box 15308, Los Angeles), hissing and moving like a snake (article entitled "Toronto Experience" downloaded from Compuserve's Religion/Christianity Forum Library. Contributor 100241,1446), inability to speak and involuntary body spasms (video entitled "The Holy Laugh", United Kingdom, 1994), kung fu-like stances, (witnessed by KS Loo, Internet:spcsin@pacific.net.sg, Singapore Indoor Stadium 18th Sept 1995), vomiting in the spirit and holy head-banging (Trumpet Call, May 1995 (Volume 1:8), page 2), stripping (taking off clothes) (book entitled "Is the Blessing Biblical?" By David Pawson, page 40, Hodder & Stoughton London 1995, (http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/veil.html)

T.B. Joshua

"Despite the fact that many fellow ministers of God daily blaspheme against me, I refrain from retaliating, because I know the grave consequences of criticizing an anointed man of God ... For instance, if you are a minister of God, but deliberately go out of your way to blaspheme against another man of God, whom you knew is a true man of God, you have lost on(e) or two of your spiritual powers to the colleague you blasphemed against unjustifiably." (T.B. Joshua, To Deceive Even The Elect ..." by Sandy Simpson, 2001, http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/tbjoshua.html)

"I was not born a vegetarian. In fact, when God sent be on this mission, I realized that my work is tedious. I will refer to John 5:37: "And the Father who sent me hath borne witness to me, His Voice you have never heard, His form you have never seen."  "In a week I deliver contrary spirit carriers (Ogbanjes), witches and wizards (about 1000 of them). They are not ordinary human beings. Some are half human and half fish. So if you eat fish you can not deliver them." (T.B. Joshua, To Deceive Even The Elect ..." by Sandy Simpson, 2001, http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/tbjoshua.html)

"Faith means the Word of God mixed with God's Spirit. When you speak the Word of God and it is mixed with the Spirit of God, whatever you decrees comes to pass." (T.B. Joshua, To Deceive Even The Elect ..." by Sandy Simpson, 2001, http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/tbjoshua.html)

"The divine person in me can do a million things simultaneously. I can appear to thousands people in their dreams in any part of the world to set them free of their sicknesses, problems and afflictions." (T.B. Joshua, To Deceive Even The Elect ..." by Sandy Simpson, 2001, http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/tbjoshua.html)

On a videotape distributed by the Synagogue of all Nations--Prophet Joshua blessed a huge tank of water, “touching each of twelve running spigots, proclaiming them to now be “the blood of Jesus.” The congregation was then shown rushing forward, pushing and pulling among themselves seeking to get to those spigots first, that they might drink, splash, and in some cases even shower in “the blood of Jesus”. This is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of it all, as it turns the Biblical doctrine of the blood of Jesus  (His vicarious death) into a sensuous, superstitious experience. No Priest or Prophet can turn any substance into the blood of Jesus. That is more akin to paganism and magic than Christianity. The blood of Jesus was shed as a sacrifice to God the Father, not as a potion to be slashed and bathed in!” (Bill Randles excerpts from a letter to a South African newspaper on 02.05.01) After the people run and push each other to drink and touch the water they begin to writhe on the floor as in pain, they vomit and pee (mostly women). Both men and women seem to have pain in a certain area as they grab their genitals. This blood that was once water is said to perform signs and wonders, but the people are tortured. Afterward we see them crawling on the floor scraping their buttocks as they leave. This is no miracle, it is not setting people free, but bringing them into spiritual bondage. (http://www.letusreason.org/Poptea8.htm)

"He (T.B. Joshua) wiggles his hands toward the people. In one healing for a mouth severely damaged he pounds and rubs over and over his own mouth pointing the other hand toward the afflicted woman’s mouth. Ectoplasm with blood comes from her mouth as she is supposedly healed. This healing they show pictures of before and after for proof but the mouth appears to be of another woman, as the real one had many teeth missing this one has a perfect set of teeth. Another man who said he was 42 years old and was healed is one of the most obvious set ups. You can see a completely different person giving a testimony. Unless they want us to accept that not only was he healed, but was given a whole new body. Another who has HIV John Rindel and was supposed to be healed and still was HIV positive after one month." ... The video that is shown as an advertisement for this healer can only be described as gross. It shows both men and women’s genitals being severely diseased and afflicted before and during the healing, but no filming of it disappearing. Afterwards to prove they are healed to an audience the people pull down their pants or dress and show themselves publicly to others. Let me remind you this is going on inside a Church. Did the apostles do such undignified humiliating proofs? (http://www.letusreason.org/Poptea8.htm)

I have only given a VERY FEW examples, using the most visible ministries involved in Harry Potter Christianity.  There are thousand more examples I could give that would show you that what is being practiced and preached in many churches today is nothing less than white witchcraft.  Many churches have been turned into dens of sorcerers who believe they have the power to do all kinds of things, but their power ABSOLUTELY cannot be from God.  That is because they are living in disobedience to the Word of God.  Jesus Christ said that those who love him will obey His commands.  Those who claim to love Him but have become little Harry Potters playing around with forces they clearly don't understand were described by Jesus:

Matt. 7:21-23  "Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

Notice that they call Jesus "Lord" but he is clearly not their "lord".  So where does their power come from?  Latent soul power?  Psychological manipulation?  Clever mind games?  Demonic sources?  Perhaps all of the above.  The point is that they are clearly not getting their powers from the Lord but simply using His name to gain followers to themselves, and thus power, fame and riches.  I venture to say that a majority of those who call themselves "Christians" today are actually "Harry Potter Christians".   They love to monkey around with the paranormal, but they do not love the truth nor do they love walking in obedience to the Lord and giving Him ALL the glory, not just a small part of it.  God still does miracles today.  But He does not do them through Harry Potters.  He does them because He has compassion on people and only through those who also teach the truth, preach the whole gospel, and walk in His ways as taught in His Word.


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