False Prophesies Of The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)
by Sandy Simpson, 10/1/04

There is so much false prophecy in the NAR that it I could do an entire web site devoted to that issue alone.  If you want to see the daily parade of false prophecies emanating from the NAR, subscribe to the Elijah List.  It means nothing to these false apostles and false prophets to say things in the name of the Lord that not only do not come to pass, but would never come to pass because they are unbiblical and ridiculous.

False prophesy can be judged either on the basis that it is a prediction made, claiming to be from the Lord, that does not come true, or that it is unbiblical to begin with, or both.  The Bible is clear that we must admonish heretics, those who lay error alongside truth and falsely prophesy, and if they are unrepentant we are to reject them (Titus 3:10). We must never forget that lies do not come from the Holy Spirit, but from the sinful minds of men, from the spirit of this age, the spirit of the air, the evil one.  Those who lie and say "Thus saith the Lord" are just as much false prophets today as their kind has been through history.  False prophecies are not mistakes, they are lies.

Let's look at some of these lies from the National School of the Prophets conference in 2002.


Dutch Sheets prophesies that leaders of governments will lead their nations righteously and a "move of God" in the government of the US.

"He is synergistically joining the government of heaven to the government of earth I will tell ya God is going to move in politics you are going to see kings and leaders I am tell you right now you are going to see them bow the knee you are going to see them prostrate themselves before almighty God you are going to see them lead their nations righteously you are going to see nations come to God in a day you are going to see Holiness and a move of the spirit of God restored to the government of this land I decree it I believe it ...it is so." (Dutch Sheets, National School Of The Prophets-Mobilizing The Prophetic Office, May 12, 2:30, 2002)
No move of God has happened, nor are leaders of governments leading their nations righteously.  George Bush is doing a good job in the war on terror, but his leadership is far from leading the nation righteously.  There has been no joining of the government of earth to the government of heaven, nor will there be according to Scripture.  When Jesus Christ returns bodily and establishes His millennial kingdom then there will be peace and righteousness on earth.  Till that time there will be wars and rumors of wars, turmoil and tribulation.  Sheets goes on with his prophesy to claim that Christ is going to change the Supreme Court.
"He is going to take that Supreme Court he is going to turn that inside out he is going to pray that strong man off of that thing and he is going to bring the synergistic anointing of intercession and the prophetic anointing to break to judge to decree I tell you what there are lots of people going in and out of there every time another one goes in there and make decrees at that stronghold of the enemy there is another crack in that foundation there is another piece of anointing released and I want to tell you right now that thing that stronghold is coming down." (Dutch Sheets, National School Of The Prophets-Mobilizing The Prophetic Office, May 12, 2:30, 2002)
This also has not happened and is highly unlikely to happen.  The Supreme Court today remains liberal and its decisions of the past have not been overturned.  Sheets also claims that Christians are hiding and not proclaiming Christ but someday they will march into the Supreme Court and declare the Word of God boldly.
"I am not even allowed to stand in the Supreme Court building of the United States of America and open my Bible and read it into that Hall even when there is nothing taking place there you can't do it and they will hall you to jail but I want to tell you right now I did read my Bible in there and I did make their day and they did hide me but I prophesy to you the day will come when they won't have to hide me I will march into that place and declare a decree the word of the Lord boldly." (Dutch Sheets, National School Of The Prophets-Mobilizing The Prophetic Office, May 12, 2:30, 2002)
There is no mention of this type of wholesale change in governments or courts happening in the Bible.  Sheets forgets that the antichrist comes first, and it is his "gospel" that will be declared all over the world.  But then, judging by the content of Dutch Sheets teaching, he is a New Ager, so the gospel he is already teaching is virtually the same as New Age leaders are teaching.


Cindy Jacobs, notably the most vocal and probably the leading prophet in the New Apostolic Reformation at this time, makes a lot of predictions claiming they are directly from God.  Jacobs declares that we are taking authority over every spirit that has been assigned to oppose the laws of God.

"We tear down the imaginations of man that oppose the laws of God, that would distort the laws of creation, and we say, "No," to it in Jesus' name.  We take authority over every spirit that has been assigned to bring it to pass.  And we forbid it and stop it now, in the name of Jesus.  Hallelujah."  (Cindy Jacobs, National School Of The Prophets-Mobilizing The Prophetic Office, May 11, 7 pm, 2002)
The Bible does not give us this kind of authority.  Only Jesus Christ has the authority to bind Satan, and will only do so at the beginning of the millennial reign.

In this tag team prophesy, another prophet goes on to claim to cancel all curses, broken covenants, and every decree of darkness.

"We break the decrees of the enemy.  We cancel the curses of unrighteousness and broken covenants with the Lord.  And we say we break every decree of darkness in that part of the nation, every unrighteous decree.  We sever it.  We bind it in the name of Jesus and forbid it in the name of the Lord of hosts.  Hallelujah."  (National School Of The Prophets-Mobilizing The Prophetic Office, May 11, 7 pm, 2002)
The NAR false prophets are not only superseding any authority we have been given, but this is lying.

Jacobs comes back and predicts that Roe vs. Wade will be overturned.

"Unborn, I'm going to bring the anointing."  And God says, "It's going to be anointing to legislate in the heavens, in Austin, Texas. And an anointing that will be a decisive hope.  Against, it will turn the Roe vs. Wade decision.  God says, "I'm going to anoint Austin." (Cindy Jacobs, National School Of The Prophets-Mobilizing The Prophetic Office, May 11, 7 pm, 2002)
This hasn't happened and is unlikely to occur.  Babies as still being killed in the womb by the millions.  This is one sin, along with that of homosexuality, that will bring the judgment of God down on America and all nations that allow these things to continue.

Jacobs prophesies the most liberal state, which she calls California, will become the most conservative state.

"And the most liberal state is gonna become the most conservative state," says the Lord your God.  Now let the fire come.  Let the fire come.  California, wave your hands at me.  Where are you?  The fire of God is falling on you right now. Ohh.  Hallelujah.  It's a holy mess.  It's a glorious disarray. When God is comes he shakes everything up.  Let the fire come.  Oh, yeah, yeah.  More fire. Let the fire burn.  Let the fire fall.  Come on.  Hallelujah.  Let the fire fall. Ohh, let the fire fall. Ohh, hallelujah, Lord. Hallelujah." (Cindy Jacobs, National School Of The Prophets-Mobilizing The Prophetic Office, May 11, 7 pm, 2002)
Actually a number of states, notably Oregon and Massachusetts, are far more liberal than California, so apparently God has His facts wrong.  This has also not happened, and is unlikely to happen.  California is unlikely to become the most conservative state even with the influx of Hispanics, which is what she was obviously basing this prophesy on and not on what God had told her, which she claimed was the case.  Even with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor at the time of this writing, who is a moderate Republican, the state has not become the most conservative state by any stretch.
Cindy Jacobs, in a women's conference in California in 1996 called "Women Of The Word" that the divorce rate for Christians would be cut in half within one year. (E-mail L.M., 11/01)
The divorce rate among Christians has continued to rise and shows no signs of abating.


Mike Bickle wants us to see a manifestation of Jesus Christ bodily to "fascinate the church".

"I ask that this one thing, your church would gaze on the, the beauty of the Lord, I ask that you would awaken the hardened lost . I ask you to fascinate your church with the revelation of the beauty of Jesus.  Come and release lovesickness for Jesus. Come and unlock the fountains of the hearts, now, Lord, by the river of fire, by the Holy Spirit, by the spirit of revelation. Let us see what the Seraphim see.  Let us be awestruck by the beauty of the God-man.  In the name of Jesus we ask that." (Mike Bickle, National School Of The Prophets-Mobilizing The Prophetic Office, May 11, 7 pm, 2002)
Jesus Christ will only return one way ... bodily.  What he is asking for is unbiblical, and Jesus is not in the business of putting on a signs and wonders show to "fascinate people".  And if Mike Bickle saw what the Seraphim see, he would be struck dead.  No one can see the face of God and live (John 1:18, Ex. 33:20).


Bill Hamon claims that God told him that He is going to reinstate the "five fold ministry" back into the church.

And now in the year 2000 were trying to establish the prophetic and apostolic around the world.  And Im telling you God is moving all over the world.  There is a hunger in every nation for the prophets and the apostles.  Because Gods stirring it up.  And in this book I tell you about three more major moves of God that must take place before the second coming of Jesus transpires.  And were, and were, how Gods restored all fivefold ministry to get the saints ready for the saints movement.  (Bill Hamon, National School Of The Prophets-Mobilizing The Prophetic Office, Friday, 5/12/00, 4 p.m. - Session 11)
The gifts and offices of the Spirit have always been active in the Church, though we no longer have foundational apostles as these men claim they are.  God does not need to reinstate something that He already has, and doesn't need the NAR to "establish the prophetic and apostolic around the world".  What Hamon is talking about is "instating" something unbiblical.


John Eckhardt claims God is moving Church leadership into "new anointings".

"You see I prophesy over you a new dimension, and I just speak by the Spirit of God and the Lord said I'm raising up a new leadership in the earth and the Lord said "Truly there is a leader shift taking place and I'm moving my leaders into new positions and into new anointings." (John Eckhardt, National School Of The Prophets-Mobilizing The Prophetic Office, Friday, 5/12/00, 7:00 p.m. - Session 12)
There is only one Anointing, and there are no new gifts of the Spirit that are different from anything that has gone before.  Worse than this, Eckhardt claims God is moving us into a "new grace".
"And the Lord says "I'm giving you new grace to begin to operate and function apostolically and prophetically like you've never known before and there\rquote s anew dimension of my grace and my glory that's even being released upon my leaders in this hour and you shall rise up with a new force and with a new authority and with a new power and with a new strength and with a new dynamic in your churches and you shall begin to see breakthroughs that you've never seen before" says the Lord, "For I break off the limitations that have tried to hold you back and have tried to hold back your gift and have tried to hold back your church, I begin to break the limitations through apostolic and prophetic release" so the Lord said "Get ready, I'm shifting you, I'm moving you into a new grace.  For all over the earth there is a new breed being raised up.  There was a new leadership coming into place and many men and women are taking their place in leadership and the apostles are rising and the prophets are rising and even the elders of the local churches are rising into a new dimension of grace to begin to release that which is not been released in generations. (John Eckhardt, National School Of The Prophets-Mobilizing The Prophetic Office, Friday, 5/12/00, 7:00 p.m. - Session 12)
I have to ask, "what's wrong with the old grace?" He reiterates this prophesy by saying we are moving into another realm of faith, grace and anointing.
"The Lord said "That which you walked in in the past is not sufficient for today or for the future." But the Lord said, "I'm calling you into another realm of faith, into another realm of grace, into another realm of my anointing." (John Eckhardt, National School Of The Prophets-Mobilizing The Prophetic Office, Friday, 5/12/00, 7:00 p.m. - Session 12)
I don't know about you but I don't want another faith, another grace, another anointing.  Eckhardt concludes by saying that we will be the ones to release the grace and anointing of God "upon the people."
"So the Lord says, "Do not draw back but press into this dimension, for it is a new dimension for my leaders," and the Lord said, "And each city and each region a new breed of prophetic and apostolic leaders shall be raised up and you shall begin to do what you could not do before and you shall begin to release my grace and my anointing upon the people."  (John Eckhardt, National School Of The Prophets-Mobilizing The Prophetic Office, Friday, 5/12/00, 7:00 p.m. - Session 12)
Jesus Christ is the Author and giver of grace and the anointing which is His alone.  This sounds like the Catholic doctrine where they claim Mary releases the grace of God to people.  The new apostles and prophets actually believe that they are the ones who can impart grace and gifts to people.  They had better humble themselves before God and realize they are just unworthy, sinful and rebellious.


C. Peter Wagner endorses a number of false prophesies made by his prophets, even though he claims to be a "horizontal apostle" who brings all the ministries in the body of Christ together (National School Of The Prophets-Mobilizing The Prophetic Office, Friday, Session 1).  In "Breaking Strongholds In Your City" he claims

"10 million Japanese will come to Christ by the year 2000".  He also claims his spiritual warfare techniques "Deposed dictator Manual Noriega, lowered the crime rate in Los Angeles and broke the power of demons over Japan."  ( C. Peter Wagner, Breaking Strongholds In Your City, 1993, p. 25, http://www.gospelcom.net/uplook/resources/just_the_facts/territorial_spirits.html)
This is patently absurd.  The crime rate in LA is still high and the Japanese are still worshiping demons.  Some other prophesies Wagner released in a paper from the World Congress Of Prophets stated
"There will be a persecution of the Jews in Russia that will notably escalate during the fall of 2000."
There is no basis in fact that any escalation took place in 2000.  Also claimed:
"One of the distinctions of this (signs and wonders) movement will be raising the dead."
Though God can raise the dead, there has been not one shred of hard evidence that Third Wave false teachers have raised any dead, and they are always notably absent in tragic situations like the 9/11 terrorist bombing of the World Trade Centers.  They go on:
"The Government Of God's kingdom will be established through the apostolic and prophetic authorities in cities and nations."
This is unbiblical Dominionism.  Jesus Christ will establish His kingdom when He returns bodily to earth.  Wagner goes on to claim:
"It is especially important for the apostolic government to be initially established and functioning in our cities by October 2003 if we are to see the transformations that God wants to release." (Prophetic Gathering Share In Ministry Together Concerning 2000, http://www.theremnant.com/news.html)
The Bible is silent on anything about reestablishing foundational apostles in the end times.


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Some other false prophets and false prophecies, though not tied directly to the NAR, are to be found in abundance on the web and on TBN fairly recently.

"... There shall be a cleaning up, and there shall be a wonderful, wonderful victory, says the spirit of the Lord; therefore, let your Christmas be a Christmas of celebration, because beyond this year, into 2004, suddenly there shall be a shift ... Look for the wind," says the Spirit. A very unusual wind, and you shall not say as Elijah said, "God was not in the wind." The spirit of the Lord said, "It shall be a sign that that which has tormented the citizens of this nation, of Great Britain, of Saudi Arabia, and many other nations, shall be swiftly brought to an end," says the Lord. There shall be a wind that shall blow in certain portions of the nation. They shall see as never before this wind," God says. (Kim Clement, November 22, 2003, Portland, Oregon, cited in Elijah List, 9/16/04)
This has to be referring to terrorism.  If the terrorists have not stopped "tormenting" the US, UK, Saudi Arabia and other nations by the end of 2004 this is a false prophecy, which is already is.  Kim Clement has a long history of false prophecies.  It is a wonder any Christian would even give him the time of day.  Read this section on Kim Clement for further information.


In recent months, the Lord has taken me up several times, in the Spirit, to a particular place in the Heavenly realm. I call this place the land of promises. This place was lush and flourishing with the life of God. The very atmosphere of this place was radiating with the presence of the Lord. It had the feeling of Spring when all things are new and refreshing. All around I could see rainbows reminding me of the promises of God throughout His word and the personal promises and prophecies that have been delivered from His mouth to His people throughout history.  ... I want to present a key in the life of Jesus that I call "synchronization" because it is a secret to bringing manifestations of heaven into the earthly realm. I believe that Jesus came to this earth and lived His life as a prototype of what is possible and available for each one of us. Jesus lived in a place of such intimacy and fellowship with the Father on a daily basis that He just proclaimed and decreed what he saw and heard His Father doing and the realm of heaven was immediately ushered into every situation He touched. You see, Jesus did not do any miracles as God! He was most definitely the Son of God, but He laid down His power as God and limited Himself as a human in the very same way that we are limited. The only difference between Jesus, in His human life, and us is that he lived a life completely yielded to the Holy Spirit. ("Birthing Manifestations of the Realm of Heaven on the Earth", Ryan Wyatt, Elijah List, 7/5/04)
False vision, false prophecy.  Why?  Because Jesus Christ was God at all times here on earth in His humanity.  Yes, the Son was always obedient to the will of the Father, but that doesn't mean he was not God.  A core doctrine of the Church is that Jesus Christ is 100% Deity and 100% man for all eternity.  This teaching is the false teaching of Word of Faith that basically says that Jesus Christ was simply an anointed man who was perfectly obedient, therefore if we are obedient we can do everything He did and more.  The problem is, we are not little gods like WOF teaches.  We are servants and He is the Master.  He is ALWAYS the one who does miraculous things, and He is the ONLY one who can do the miracles.

More to come ...