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Great Discernment Tools!

From Church To Emerging Church DVD Series 
by Sandy Simpson

The issue of the Emerging Church and it's introduction into many churches and mission organizations has reached a critical point.  Many do not undersand what is being leavened into churches by the EC leadership.  Many would be shocked to know their belief systems involve Universalism, New Age, defense of postmodernism, Interfaithism, and many other false doctrines.  In order to reach out to this generation the EC leadership is proposing a whole new "map" to deal with what they perceive is a lack of understanding on the part of the churches on how to communicate.  EC proponants believe the "scripture" for today is evolving and must change in order to reach postmoderns. 

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Landmark Book!

Does having eternity in your heart mean that you know God and are His child? Could Gentile cultures understand the Gospel from the stars? Did God create man’s cultures? Has God always been in the process of redeeming cultures from the time of Babel by placing in them a true revelation of Himself? Is there the worship of YHWH in all cultures and religions through the names of “supreme beings”?  Have all cultures always had a way to make things right between them and God? These questions and many more are answered in this book that addresses the false teachings of The New Apostolic Reformation regarding missiological methods as being carried out by many agencies including the World Christian Gathering on Indigenous People, YWAM, and many Bible societies. 

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Every Pastor 

Needs This!

What is it and where is it going?
is a DVD /VHS expose of  the NAR and it's leadership of C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Peirce, Dutch Sheets, Bill Hamon, Jack Deere and others. It  features commentary by Bill Randles, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Jacob Prasch, Mike Oppenheimer, Orrel Steinkamp, Gary Gilley, Dave Hunt, Sandy Simpson and others. 

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Great Study!

Through the years I have been presented with many opportunities to forgive. Sometimes the situation was so severe that it took me some time to forgive and start the process of healing for myself, and eventually for others. I learned that a Christian needs to forgive other people even if they have not repented of their sins. That can be really hard if we let it be hard. But if we give our burdens over to the Lord, He will carry them and that frees us up to treat other people with love, compassion, and be in the right frame of mind and heart to set them up for reconciliation with Jesus Christ. That does not mean we tolerate their sin. We simply forgive them for what they have done to us, whether perceived or real, and move on to looking for ways to redeem them. We can then present to them the “truth in love” even when we have to rebuke them. 

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Companion DVD Series to "Idolatry in Their Hearts"!

Deceiving the Nations!
This DVD video series features Mike Oppenheimer and Sandy Simpson and their in depth research regarding the World Christian Gathering on Indigenous People which is backed by the New Apostolic Reformation.  This is an issue that pastors and missionaries need to be informed of because it goes to the core of evangelism and preaching the Gospel.

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Go On To Maturity!

was written to help believers to realize the absolute necessity of growing to maturity in Christ. Many churches are urging Christians to push aside discernment in favor of experience. It is our hope that this book will inspire many believers to fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith (2 Tim. 4:7). 

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Companion Book!

is now available in book form. This is the DVD script plus commentary by Sandy Simpson. The commentary of the DVD series is not in the book, but there are many more quotes available than in the video series.  Good reference material.  Also available on CD-ROM.

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is a fitting manual for the Revelation Christian. All the precepts are in the seven letters in Revelation 1:9 - 3:22 to help us keep the faith, stay in sound doctrine, and reach out to those who are perishing. I hope and pray that this book will help the reader to be an “overcomer”.

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Demolish Arguments!

Want to be able to see your way through to clear biblical discernment? Want a set of tools that will allow you to disciple your loved ones so they will stand firm in the Faith? Want to sort out many of the false arguments and teachings that have invaded the churches? Then DISCERNMENT TOOLKIT book is for you!

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DVD Study Series!

is taken from the book but includes a lot of footage of false teachers and false prophets. It covers the core doctrines, how we can use them to test, and examples on the DVD that can be paused for discussion.  Also includes a teacher guide and links to resources on the web.  This 3-DVD series is available now!

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Important Video Information 

On Benny Hinn!

features Jacob Prasch, Mike Oppenheimer & Sandy Simpson and tons of video showing the teachings and prophecies of Benny Hinn.  This is a proven tool to keep people away from heresy.

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Living Water 2003 

Discernment Conference

3-DVD Set & 2-VHS Set Now Available!
Featuring Bill Randles, Gary Gilley
& Ray Yungen

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Discernment 2001 

6-DVD Set & 2-VHS Set Now Available!
Featuring Dave Hunt, Duane Magnani, Mike Oppenheimer, Jacob Prasch, Jewel Grewe & Bill Randles

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Highly Recommended!

What is Christianity? What significance does the cross have? Are there teachings that can wreck our faith? We live in an age unlike any other in the history of man. To follow the Lord among the unique challenges we must understand Scripture and live by it. Available for $20- includes shipping.  Apologetics Coordination Team HIGHLY recommends this book.  It deals with many crucial issues for the Church today. 

Go here to order the book by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries, P.O. Box 860683, Wahiawa, HI 96786.

New Bible Study CD!

Bible Studies in Discernment 
contains the studies in the New Testament by Sandy & Juanita Simpson covering many issues of apologetics and discernment. 

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Articles on the false teacher Reinhard Bonnke. 

(1) Reinhard Bonnke - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind by Sandy Simpson, DITC, 4/26/01
Reinhard Bonnke, a German evangelist who does a lot of his preaching in the Two Thirds world, was recently investigated by HBO on their show "A Question Of Miracles" aired 4/15/01.

(2) Are The Miracle Claims Of Reinhard Bonnke Really True? by by David McAllister, 5/23/01
Reinhard Bonnke makes many incredible miracle claims but is his claims really true? So called miracle claims are two a penny today, and in fact many of the various cults, witch doctors, psychic surgeons, and New Age healers also make the same kind of miracle claims as Reinhard Bonnke, even an advert in a newspaper promoting a “miracle pen” had with it a number of 'documented' healings.

(3) Miracles - An Expose' Of Reinhard Bonnke & Benny Hinn by CBC.CA, Eyewit, URL:, 5/01
A video expose' on Reinhard Bonnke & Benny Hinn.  Read two articles called "Miracles: Hope And Damnation" and "Miracles: Hope And Salvation". For more on Benny Hinn from this site go to this article. For more on Bonnke go here. To purchase copy of the video contact:  CBC Sales, P.O. Box 500, Stn A, Toronto, Canada M5W 1E6, Tel: 416-205-6384, Fax: 416-205-3482, URL:

(4) Reinhard Bonnke -- Africa's Most Active Evangelist by CBC.CA, Eyewitness, Miracles
"German Reinhard Bonnke has carved out an international reputation as one of the only Western evangelists to work with the African Independent Churches. This has given Bonnke access to a third of all of the active church members in Africa. According to Bonnke's own numbers, in the past decade he has preached to 17.5 million people in Africa. He has tailored his crusades to appeal to his African followers, offering "excitement in the Spirit, speaking in tongues, being slain in the Spirit, laughing  uncontrollably, and dancing in the Spirit."

(5) Kenya Times Report: Maitreya, Akatsa & Bonnke
© Kenya Times. First published in the Kenya Times, 22 June 1988. 
"About 6,000 worshippers at Muslim Village, Kawangware, Nairobi, (Kenya) believe they saw Jesus Christ, in broad daylight last week."

(6) Fabrications And Fantasies As Biblical Style Miracles Desert Bonnke In Belfast!Adapted from report by Stephen Gordon, written By David McAllister, 7/19/01
"The truth is that Reinhard Bonnke has a ministry of exaggerated claims and sensational storytelling that when checked out are found to be far from the truth. How long will the church put up with such show men who bring so much discredit to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ? [2 Peter 2:1-3] "

(7) "Raised From The Dead" by Reinhard Bonnke - Oh Really? by Sandy Simpson, 2/26/02
"This article is an initial reaction to the video "Raised From The Dead!" by Reinhard Bonnke, the testimony of Daniel Ekechukwu on the CfAN site, and the Charisma News Service story."

(8) A Rich Man's Prayer Answered? by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries, 3/08/02
"Was a dead man raised because he was near Bonnke's anointing?" New info has come forth that seems to send a monkey wrench into this whole story--also an additional article on those who interviewed Eku

(9) Are The Miracle Claims Of Reinhard Bonnke Really True? by David McAllister, The Belfast Berean, 4/02 - Adobe Acrobat Reader .pdf file!
"Reinhard Bonnke makes incredible miracle claims, but are these miracle claims true?"

(10) Reinhard Bonnke Exposed by We Care Ministries 
"BONNKE`S miracle claims have been described as "blasphemous" by a leading Free Presbyterian cleric. The Rev David McIlveen accused the German evangelist of cruelly exploiting vulnerable people. "We believe in the possibility of healing through prayer," said Rev McIlveen. "But we also fully recognise the terrible danger of exploiting the subject of healing.

(11) Pastor Raised From Dead At Rheinhard Bonnke Event In Nigeria Says Hinn, Copeland, and Elim's Canty by Jacob Prasch, Moriel Ministries, 10/02
"Although it can not be established if or not Eku ever died and came back to life due to a shortage of medical and legal evidence, what has been both legally and medically established beyond the pale of any doubt whatsoever is the death of 14 Bonnke devotees crushed to death
 at just one of Bonnke's African crusades alone, and the pending law suite for 60 million Niara that goes with it. It is too bad Bonnke didn't raise any of these victims from the dead.

(12) HBO Vs. The Faith Healers by Jackie Alnor
If such a program is ever produced, you can be sure you won't see any before & after pictures of the horribly disfigured people who are ignored at the healing crusades. Only those who look normal outwardly come forward to testify. The deformed people don't even show up on Hinn's coverage of his crusades. They are usually stationed together where the cameras are trained to avoid them.

(13) Violence Mars Bonnke's Revival Christianity Today, December 6, 1999
Sixteen Nigerians died and hundreds were injured during an opening rally for a five-day revival organized in October by Reinhard Bonnke.

(14) Reinhard Bonnke by Terry Arnold, Diakrisis Australia, Newsletter of TA Ministries Vol.2, No.15 March/April 2002
Reinhard Bonnke is a German Pentecostal evangelist with a large ministry mainly to African and European countries. His crusades feature crowds of hundreds of thousands. Miracles, healings and multitudes of 'conversions' are reported. On 6th October, 14 people were crushed to death in Nigeria when they attempted to rush the stage to try to touch Bonnke. The parents of one of the dead, a little baby girl, tried unsuccessfully to get the body to Bonnke hoping he would raise her from the dead. The family then did the next best thing and laid the body on Bonnke’s Mercedes Benz in the hope of the baby coming back to life. Apparently they were putting their faith in the ‘anointing’ of the faith healer. Yet Bonnke claims, 'When I step on a platform, often without any touch of mine the blind begin to see, the deaf to hear, the dumb to speak and the cripples to walk...Miracles happen as if copied from the Gospels and the Book of Acts'. 

(15) What Signs Are These? by Roger Oakland, Understanding The Times, 10/02
Signs and wonders are happening all over the world! Are they genuine? Or could these be the signs Jesus said would occur before His Second Coming?  If these signs and wonders are of God, who would want to be against them? If the signs and wonders are deceptive, then why would anyone want to be for them? 

(16) Reinhard Bonnke, Ecumenism & The RCC - The Charismatic Renewal In The Roman Catholic Church by Perry F. Rockwood, The Peoples Gospel Hour
The following account shows the deception and fallacy of the charismatic movement.  All during the first 2 1/2 days of the New Orleans conference (The "North American Congress on the Holy Spirit and World
Evangelization" was held July 22-25, 1987, an ecumenical conference of Protestants and Catholics), there were dozens of instances of speaking in tongues, being slain by the Spirit, falling on the floor, and other practices.  Yet, on Friday night after African Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke spoke, between 35,000-40,000 people stood on their feet in response to his invitation for salvation.  These were the very same people who for over two days had been speaking in tongues and expressing their desire to evangelize the world.  It was a frightful sight.  Bonnke repeated his invitation so that all would understand that he was speaking of salvation.  The thousands remained standing.  He then led them into a form of a sinner's prayer which shows how confused they were about salvation.

(17) The Changing Face Of Christianity by Tony Pearce, Christian Witness Ministries
At Bonnke's rally in Nigeria, 78 miracles were claimed on stage, but no evidence was found afterwards. Bonnke cursed cancers in the name of Jesus and claimed that those who were blind could now see. The programme then panned to the area below the stage where people from the crowd were being selected as to who could go on stage to testify to healing. There was clear evidence of fakery as most would be participants were barred from the stage. One person who was selected to testify claimed that he was blind and could now see, but it was then shown that he could actually see in the first place. Fifteen people were crushed to death at the rally. The parents of a child who was killed tried to get her body to Bonnke hoping he would raise her from the dead, but were barred from the stage. The family did the next best thing and laid the body on Bonkke's Mercedes Benz in the hope of the child coming back to life. All of this is a far cry from the miracles of the New Testament. 

(18) Reinhard Bonnke - Unbiblical Teachings And Actions by Sandy Simpson, DITC, 10/02
This article consists of quotes from a number of different sources.  These quotes and accounts are offered as proof the Reinhard Bonnke has been teaching heresy and promoting a false transferable anointing for many years.  He is an ecumenist, teaches prosperity doctrines, says every Christian must speak in tongues as a sign of the "baptism" of the Spirit, claims that faith is a force, and preaches a gospel devoid of the power to save.  He has also lied about healings and dead raising.

(19) Comparison Chart Of Daniel Ekechukwu Dead Raising Stories by Sandy Simpson, 10/17/02
This is a comparison chart noting the divergent details in five major sources of information regarding the alleged dead raising of Daniel Ekechukwu in Nigeria in a church where Reinhard Bonnke was visiting. 

(20) The Final Answer by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries, 10/14/03
Another interview with Daniel who Bonkke raised from the dead, with a whole new set of problems. 

(21) Are The Claims True? by The Belfast Berean
Reinhard Bonnke [CFAN] makes incredible miracle claims, but are they true? Miracle claims and testimonies of miracles are 'two a penny', in fact many of the various cults, witch doctors, psychic surgeons and new age healers make similar claims which have been 'documented'. [1]

(22) Reinhard Bonnke Allegedly States That Jesus Christ Is Going To Appear Physically During His Crusade Series reported by Sandy Simpson, 9/5/06
A few weeks ago on my local radio station Rhema FM 96.3 (Melbourne Australia) Reinhard was interviewed and talking about his 8 video series (taped from a crusade in Africa I think) that at the end of the 8th video Jesus would physically walk through the screen. Have you heard of this one at all.

New Sandy Simpson Messages 
on CD & DVD

Signs Of Apostasy In The Churches
In The End Times
by Sandy Simpson

This 2-DVD series is a teaching based on this article

There are many signs of the great Apostasy, or falling away (2 Thes. 2:3) indicating we are living in the end times (Mt. 24: 3-14)  I am going to go through some indications of the Apostasy in the churches as a follow up to the signs of the times in the world.

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A Whole Lot Of Wishful Thinking These Days!
by Sandy Simpson

This DVD series is a teaching based on this article

In this DVD series I want to detail a number of beliefs people have these days that have no basis in Scripture.  I am going to roam all over the map, so to speak, and try to give fairly short answers on a number of topics and also give you useful links to articles that will help you deal with any particular issue.  It is truly amazing how many false ideas people cling to without giving a thought to what the Bible has to say on the subject.

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The Responsibilities of a 
Good Shepherd
This CD is a message based on this article. Go here for ordering details!
What's Up With Christian Bookstores?
This DVD is a message based on this article. Gohere for ordering details!
The ElijahList
The biggest promoter of false prophecies in cyberspace!
This 2-DVD set is a message based on this article. Go here for ordering details!
The ElijahList
The biggest promoter of false prophecies in cyberspace!
This 2-DVD set is a message based on this article. Go here for ordering details!
The Extreme Prophetic
This DVD is a message based on this article. Go here for ordering details!

Emerging Church CD & Free DVD
All the links to resources and articles we have on the Emerging Church on one CD.

When you purchase the "Resource Tools - Emerging Church" CD for $10. plus s/h you will also receive a brand new free DVD called "The Emerging Church" that features Gary Gilley, Ray Yungen, Joanna Michaelson, Mike Oppenheimer and Sandy Simpson. Go here for ordering details!

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